Homeschooling in the Western Cape, Especially the South Peninsula…

Just lately I have discovered templates, and in an effort to stream-line my workflow I am actually using them. I have always used templates for certain work, standard run of the mill posts, I have a template and I drop the information into the post and “tada…” I have templates for emails, a lot of the F.A.Q.’s on this blog, many of the quick “what, where, why and how?” questions. But there is one question I cannot answer and it is the most frequently asked question on our site. At any one time I have two or three of these questions crying out for help in my inbox. Dear readers, it is time for you all to write us a blog post!!!


“We are moving to your area and would love to know about homeschooling resources in your area.”

I have no really helpful answer… other than: ummm we homeschool, we always have. That means we pretty much do everything at home. So the art we do is mostly at our kitchen table, the reading happens around the table or draped over the biggest bed in the house and sport and fitness, read “races in the driveway…” well they are in the driveway. That being said, there are tons of home-schoolers in our area and I know that some homeschoolers do co-op and others have weekly meet-ups and there are heaps of varied extra-murals ranging from anything to everything. There are high-school groups and pre-K groups, every group. You can sign up for sports day and prize-giving, both are things that some homeschoolers love their kids to be part of and we kind of think it is a perk of homeschooling that we don’t have to attend. I know these groups exist but we haven’t been part of them, however I would love to share this information with our readers.


What Do I Say?

I usually refer folks to a post I wrote about homeschooling in South Africa, it is by no means definitive, but explains our experience. And I know that you can connect with other homeschoolers on this Resource Page… and here is another fabulous page packed with heaps of useful links. But what else… and this is where you all come in…


Please Leave a Comment

If you know of a fabulous resource for home-shoolers in the Western Cape or the South Peninsula then leave a comment… Is there a regular writing group in Cape Town, an art class, a homeschool meet-up, a language class, sport, music… if you are looking for something for your kids to join then leave a comment too, tell us what you need because somebody reading our blog will have the answer. It doesn’t have to be local, homeschooling is universal, as are pen-pals, there are online classes and free-resources all over the world. So now is your chance… leave a comment, a fab resource for homeschoolers that you know about. Share away and help our readers…

9 Replies to “Homeschooling in the Western Cape, Especially the South Peninsula…”

  1. Katharine, Thank you so much… this is perfect, just exactly the information that we needed!!! You are a star, hope you are having the most fabulous weekend!!!

  2. I am looking to prepare my grandson who is nearly 3 for Grade R. Normal play school has way too many sick children making my grandson even sicker! So I want to make sure he is up to speed for Grade R. Can anyone help me with where to go for guidance, resources, registration (if required) and general support?

  3. Hi Penny, Thanks for stopping by… if you look up through the comments in this post there is a link to the Western Cape’s Face Book Page and if you ask your question over there I am sure you will get some great and helpful responses. All the best!!!

  4. Hi there. I am thinking about going homeschooling for my 5 year old little girl next year. I’m not qualified so would need someone to come in and do it. Please can you help as I don’t even know where to start.

    Looking forward to Your earliest response.

    Kind regards
    Rafia Abrahams

  5. Hi Rafia, As far as I know you don’t have to have any qualifications to homeschool your child. If you are looking for any help with homeschooling in the Western Cape can I suggest that you approach the facebook group in the comment above and ask them. They wil have plenty of people available to answer your questions.

  6. Hi
    We live in Fish Hoek area and would like to know if there is a group a Grade 1 could join for 2018.
    We are close to Sub Valley Fairie Knowe

  7. Hi Trish, If you take a look at the first comment on this post you will see a link to the Western Cape Face Book Group for Homeschoolers. I can’t answer your question, we don’t belong to any particular homeschooling group, but someone on the face book group should be able to help you. All the best in your search…

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