The Week That Was – #202

Forget about the week that was, this is definitely a month that was post. You might ask… “Where have you been?” And the answer has to be “Just getting along…” for some reason the season has been busy and we just dove in and went with it…

se7en - 081014 - 0573.jpg

And while the blue leaves on our weather tree, the rainy days, have given way to green leaves, it is still a lot colder than we remember it…

se7en - 180914 - 7408.jpg

Weeks of rainy weather have given way to the tepid sunshine of spring…

se7en - 260914 - 2417.jpg

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And back to the post…

se7en - 260914 - 2412.jpg

The whales are out…

se7en - 180914 - 7403.jpg

And so are the flowers…

se7en - 230814 - 0214.jpg

It is great gardening weather, but still chilly… enough to be seeking a sunny spot to read a book…

se7en - 130914 - 0989.jpg

Warm enough to start thinking, “hmmm, I wonder if is too soon to take dinner outdoors?”

se7en - 061014 - 7888.jpg

We have had heaps of visitors and it has been fun, if not a little crazy (!!!)…

se7en - 031014 - 0254.jpg

But we seem to thrive on crazy, not to mention the associated feasts…

se7en - 031014 - 0496.jpg

se7en - 041014 - 7829.jpg

In other news this may well be the summer my boys embrace cooking outdoors with gusto…

se7en - 280914 - 2424.jpg

se7en - 160914 - 1056.jpg

se7en - 280914 - 7609.jpg

And I may well be out of a job as the family braai-er… but I am still in charge of the marshmallows!!!

se7en - 160914 - 7378.jpg

I have noticed little people stealing little moments just for themselves and “all I want to do when I wake up in the morning is play with LEGO” of course while everyone else is still fast asleep.

se7en - 061014 - 7869.jpg

In fact it has generally been play, play, play…

se7en - 021014 - 7707.jpg

Which is totally different to that thing called school, which we take much more seriously… we learnt some tribal dancing…

se7en - 260814 - 7096.jpg

And these are math manipulatives… clearly we are conquering academia…

se7en - 260814 - 7089.jpg

And as for these toes I have no words…

se7en - 160914 - 1077.jpg

I popped this picture in, just to demonstrate why it would be totally insane to child proof our house and the only reason to hide things on top of the fridge would be to keep them away from me…

se7en - 140914 - 1041.jpg

Otherwise, I don’t quite know how this happened but over this past winter we have become park people…

se7en - 230814 - 0235.jpg

se7en - 230814 - 0197.jpg

Every time we see a park we stop and play…

se7en - 310814 - 0493.jpg

And if anyone is asking… this is our kids favourite past time in the whole world…

se7en - 310814 - 0418.jpg

Gleeful spinning joy…

se7en - 310814 - 0430.jpg

Otherwise seesaws, jungle gyms and swings pretty much rock too…

se7en - 310814 - 0487.jpg

se7en - 310814 - 0483.jpg

se7en - 310814 - 0453.jpg

se7en - 310814 - 0452.jpg

se7en - 230814 - 0124.jpg

se7en - 230814 - 0125.jpg

Parkour is a way of life…

se7en - 031014 - 0481.jpg

se7en - 031014 - 0417.jpg

Projects Abound…

se7en - 260914 - 2394.jpg

se7en - 150914 - 7335.jpg

se7en - 140914 - 7327.jpg

se7en - 140914 - 1038.jpg

se7en - 140914 - 1039.jpg

se7en - 140914 - 1035.jpg

se7en - 130914 - 0983.jpg

And don’t forget the great outdoors… “tis the season for fluffy cuteness everywhere…

se7en - 230814 - 0264.jpg

se7en - 230814 - 0263.jpg

se7en - 230814 - 0259.jpg

And let’s not forget books… and trips to the library…

se7en - 160914 - 7364.jpg

se7en - 110914 - 7303.jpg

se7en - 061014 - 7886.jpg

And the Book of the Week:

Because you can’t beat a great classic and with tons of visitors it helped to have a read with short hilariously funny chapters that can be read independently… not to mention it is sometimes good to go back and read familiar favourites…

And this is what the Hoods have been up too:

Hood #1: has begun the “quadruple layer, multiple level, never static, we don’t hang laundry anymore” lego storage unit….

se7en - 290814 - 7122.jpg

Hood #2: Has been chief entertainment…

se7en - 130914 - 0944.jpg

Hood #3: Reading, reading, reading…

se7en - 130914 - 0974.jpg

Hood #4: Is our chief project manager and lurches from one grand plan to the next with ease, Otherwise he appears to be growing at an alarming rate… he isn’t alone. Our kids all seem to have stretched somewhat lately…

se7en - 230814 - 0024.jpg

Hood #5: No longer walks anywhere…

se7en - 230814 - 0164.jpg

And I still can’t get over these eye lashes…

se7en - 150914 - 7341.jpg

Hood #6: And this little one…

se7en - 140914 - 7322.jpg

May or may not have been reading about Johnny Appleseed for school.

se7en - 130914 - 0986.jpg

Not to mention friends… friends… friends…

se7en - 310814 - 0421.jpg

Hood #7:

Is introducing a new sport to the family… swirling sock skating… with immense style and finesse…

se7en - 260914 - 2386.jpg se7en - 260914 - 2387.jpg

se7en - 260914 - 2388.jpg se7en - 260914 - 2389.jpg

se7en - 260914 - 2390.jpg

Hood #8: And we survived a broken arm…

se7en - 070914 - 7257.jpg

se7en - 070914 - 0761.jpg

se7en - 011014 - 7686.jpg

And a month without going to the beach even once… just couldn’t face sand inside a cast…

se7en - 190914 - 1271.jpg

se7en - 230814 - 0191.jpg

But we made it through and as dreamy as ever… and a parting shot from the doctor: “For the next month: no jungle gyms, no slides, no skateboarding, no bikes… the list went on…” Seriously, does he know five!!!

se7en - 100914 - 0822.jpg

Otherwise… we hope you have a fabulous week, with love from the gang… at se7en + 1…

8 Replies to “The Week That Was – #202”

  1. What a week! I can’t believe how big your baby is! I started following you when he was still in nappies about to crawl!

    Also I think that lego thing on the clothes horse is super clever!

  2. Hay Laurakim, I cannot believe how big that little guy is either… I am pretending to be in denial, but there is no denying it… he is shooting up in every way!!! And the LEGO… oh the lego… oh the lego!!! I hope you have the most fantastic day!!!

  3. They are ALL growing far too fast. I saw my friend’s 3 kids today in person after about 3 – 4 years in CT, and I was HORRIFIED. The faces were the same but they were ALL huge.

    We met when her oldest was a real baby (few months old) and he’s now 20 so imagine how old I feel….

    So glad that cast is off and #8 can enjoy being free again! Waffles?

  4. Oh Marcia… Waffles is a great idea. I think we will definitely have a waffle event at the end of the month, if we can make it through his month of “no contact activity whatsoever” unscathed… I tell you, who knew how adventurous a five year old could be until you actually stop and look at them!!! Hope you all have the best weekend.

  5. You have been busy! That’s an understatement you have been super busy!!! Glad the arm is healing and hope no contact activities is not proving to be to difficult

  6. Hay Mrs FF, Hope you had a fun weekend. We have got a lot better at keeping a five year old from climbing absolutely everything. I am at the stage where I hope he doesn’t lose his feisty spirit and get all nervous about clambering… hopefully a lifetime of clambering will counterbalance a month of restraint!!! Hope you have the most fantastic week!!!

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