Se7en’s Natural Treasure Advent Calendar Week 3…

Well week 3 of December flew by, and our Advent tree has become a whole lot more crowded than we ever expected it to be…

se7en - 211214 - 0136.jpg

I cannot say that we spent our week in all sorts of preparations… we didn’t. Our two oldest boys were away on camp and it left us all somewhat subdued… Days and days of catching up with friends were a great distraction. And heaps of card creating at the kitchen table… means that we had dozens of Christmas cards and very little else actually ready for Christmas. To be honest nothing really got done, to the point where this morning certain short people actually enquired if I was aware that Christmas was a mere three sleeps away – gasp!!! Seriously!!!

se7en - 211214 - 0117.jpg

Needless to say a frenzy ensued, and I am very grateful for a veritable army of Christmas workers. We leapt into gear and by the end of the day… we had hunted and captured a tree, created heaps of gifts… and decorations galore. A crazy busy day, completely uninterrupted… we sat at the table most of the day and worked away, while Carols played in the background. Really it couldn’t be better!!!

se7en - 221214 - 9504.jpg

This Week’s Natural Treasures

se7en - 161214 - 9280.jpg

se7en - 171214 - 9298.jpg

se7en - 181214 - 9385.jpg

se7en - 191214 - 9420.jpg

se7en - 191214 - 9460.jpg

se7en - 211214 - 9476.jpg

se7en - 221214 - 9487.jpg

And so we have a day of baking and some feast preparations and gift wrapping to conquer… but for most of us the next few days will just be filled with wonderful anticipation…

se7en - 221214 - 0161.jpg

Wishing you all heaps of holiday fun…

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  1. I wish to you and your beautiful family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015! And keep on with your beautiful blog! Cheers from Slovenia!

  2. Katja, thank you so much and to you and yours… we wish the best possible Christmas, sending lots of love from sunny Cape Town.

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