A Weekend of GiveAways: A Little Miracle Onsie from Spree…

So just when we had found our new year blogging rhythm… and a week of less than intermittent internet I have decided to declare it a Weekend of GiveAways… The first GiveAway is brought to you by Spree and Little Miracles. Now you know how we love babies over here and you know how we love a good cause. Well here is a product that combines both… I think I need to hear a wahoo…

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Recently Spree.co.za together with Jo-Ann Strauss and Keedo launched their Little Miracles Zippy Babygro… I have to say that over here, a zippy onsie is hard to find, but we have a precious friend in the United States that sent us one each time we had a baby. The truth is they are really just the best for easy peasy night-time changes. Literally, unzip, change diaper, zip-up and pop the babe back into bed before they even know they were out of bed. Yup, zippy onesies are pretty wonderful, infact anything that makes night time parenting easier is a little wonderful.

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The joy of these onesies, is that not only are they a great product, but they were created with a great cause in mind. For every onsie sold an underprivileged family of six will receive a balanced meal. Honestly, I had to find out more… this sounded too good to be true. Last year I blogged about the desperate food situation in our country, where for so many of folk malnutrition is quite literally a way of life. The problem with malnutrition is that it is such an overwhelming situation, that most of us just don’t know where to start. Well here is a project, initiated by a group of folk that just weren’t overwhelmed and instead came up with a doable project.

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And a happy delivery day…

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I am guessing these guys enjoyed every moment of it…

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When Spree contacted us and asked us to spread the word about these cute Little Miracle Onsies and their project to raise meals for kids suffering from malnutrition, we jumped at the chance. Little Miracle Onsies are available online at Spree, and we are giving one lucky reader a onesie. These little Miracle Zippy Onsies are 100% cotton, available in four sizes: newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-9 months and three colours: neutral stone, blue or pink.

The GiveAway

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Spree is a South African online store and will deliver the prize to the winner anywhere in South Africa, but we support this project so completely, that anybody world wide can enter and if an overseas reader is the winner we will happily mail it on to you. So anyone anywhere, is welcome to leave a comment, before the end of play on 31 January 2015, and help us feed a family.

Thank you to Spree for the fantastic Giveaway and Jo-Ann Strauss and Keedo for initiating such a great project. All photographs are thanks to Spree and Keedo. We were not paid to write this post and all opinions expressed are as usual our own.

21 Replies to “A Weekend of GiveAways: A Little Miracle Onsie from Spree…”

  1. How I wish there were bigger sizes! They are too gorgeous. And would make any mama’s life so much easier. Added to that the community project. Win win

  2. Surprise of note! I had no idea that keedo were involved in an initiative like this. Sho! Go Keedo, Joann Strauss and Go Spree!!

  3. I love Keedo clothes, and I love the idea of helping to share wealth when buying a good, necessary, product that can last a good few children.

  4. Our first grandchild will be born this summer. I loved onesies for my children, but I never had zippered ones. These are nice.

  5. Enter us please, I have never tried zipper babygrows and would love to with ‘little’ Josh.

  6. I know two baby’s that would look gorgeous in one of these !It’s a wonderful initiative1

  7. I have never had a zippered babygro before, but I think my husband would be thrilled. He is always complaining about how fiddly all those pops are!

  8. What a great cause and what a great way to support it! Practicality and giving never looked so cute!;)

  9. An absolutely amazing initiative by Jo Ann and keedo! May you always be blessed with success and prosper so that you can keep changing the world! I would love to win this as I am expecting my first little one in 7 weeks :)))))) God willing! (will help me with those nappy changes that I am so looking forward to) ūüėÄ

  10. I would love to be able to give a onesie to Marvellous Ezra Mhuru born on 18th December 2014

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