It was Se7en Years Ago Today…

Today marks the day that we have been blogging for se7en years… I can’t believe it myself. It feels like a blink… but so much has changed since we began… And we really wanted to thank all our readers for their fabulous support and loyalty… and friendship.

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Yes, in the olden days when our blog was young… and we only had se7en kids. And I thought they were so grownup.


Anyway we are celebrating by taking a break. After months of anticipation, I am finally off on an epic trip to Zambia, to plant trees with Greenpop.

se7en - 010715 - 0154.jpg

Our blog will be back in a couple of weeks with heaps of GiveAways, all good to go, and to tell you about the amazing adventure that I will have been on… So long and see you soon!!!

14 Replies to “It was Se7en Years Ago Today…”

  1. Happy Se7en years! I’m so glad you decided to start blogging. And I hope you have the very best trip!! xo

  2. Journey mercies! Looking forward to hearing all about Zambia (and Namibia, Zimbabwe) in your travels!

  3. Hello Travel safe and have fun. My 16 yr daughter is with greenpop at the moment and is completely loving it. Just be warned communication seems to rather difficult, just warn your family that they may not hear from you easily. Stephanie

  4. Thank YOU Seven+1 for all the good things you’ve shared, all the generosity you’ve inspired. And wishing you the adventure of a lifetime in Zambia x

  5. Congratulations! 7 years Is s long time. And I can’t believe how tiny the kids were!!!

    Have a good trip. Journey mercies xxx

  6. Oh Cat, thank you so much, had an absolute blast and I am good to go, with heaps of blog posts rocking around in my head!!! Hope you have had great school holidays!!!

  7. Thank you so much Christi, Thank you so much for all your support and comments and encouragement. Hope you have had a great summer…

  8. Aunty Muffin, thank you for all the good wishes and encouragement… had a fantastic trip and can’t wait to blog about it!!!

  9. Thank you so much Stephanie, I hope your daughter had a brilliant time!!! I was expecting communications to be negligible and decided to go communication free… no internet. To be honest I didn’t miss it at all. but I am back and ready to blog!!!

  10. Hay Marcia, You are a friend indeed… thank you for all the years of comments and packages and just … well everything. Wishing you the best week ahead!!!

  11. Hay Zoe, Thank you so much… it is good to be home… and I did have the most incredible trip, cant wait to blog about it!!! Hope you enjoy your summer holidays!!!

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