Se7en + 1 Visit Fabric Creators Zana Products…

For the all the world of crafty loveliness… you just can’t beat layers and layers of beautiful fabric. I have to confess I am not the best seamstress by any means, but I cannot resist fabric. So when I discovered the beautiful and funky fabric at Zana Products I was thrilled – because hello, not only do they create the most incredible fabric – but then they turn it into amazing stuff to love – and they ship it, not just here in South Africa, but anywhere in the world. Yes… I know too good to be true!!!

se7en - 140815 - 0445.jpg

Zana Products began as small, screen printing fabric in their garage and quickly turned into a round the clock, sewing through the night sensation. It has grown into a business that outsources and employs… and not only has a fabulous online store but a studio in Woodstock, where we happened to visit last week. They have an inspiring instagram feed – packed with daily loveliness, that I discovered in my wanderings on the internet.

Our Back Story

I’m not always the first to dive in and shop online, I can be a little off the pace with trendiness. But I was lucky enough to win this amazing Foxy bag last year and I loved it with all my heart. And I never looked back.


And then at a Cape Town Mom’s Meetup I was thrilled to win a voucher too… talk about heaven. To say I spent hours purusing the online store is an understatement… Anywhoo… I shopped and changed my mind and shopped some more. And then I meant to get my order sorted while I was away in Zambia and come home to a treat… but forgot to. And I am so glad I didn’t, because not only was all my luggage stolen off the bus in Zambia, but my to-die-for-foxy-bag was stolen too. Galactic Yahoo for the voucher. I came home and knew exactly what to order. And we didn’t want our order delivered we wanted to visit the store and show our readers little behind the scenes… at Zana Products…

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Let’s Take a Studio Tour

Firstly the entrance is through this pretty space of urban gardening…

se7en - 140815 - 0449.jpg

And food trucks, which is why I would never be able to work there… for the love of feasting!!!

se7en - 140815 - 0451.jpg

And straight into the heart of fabric heaven…

se7en - 140815 - 5567.jpg

You wander through their crisp and clean product display…

se7en - 140815 - 5552.jpg

May I hear an audible sigh…

Plenty of Pretty Products

se7en - 140815 - 5555.jpg

se7en - 140815 - 5557.jpg

se7en - 140815 - 0424.jpg se7en - 140815 - 0423.jpg

se7en - 140815 - 5549.jpg

se7en - 140815 - 5559.jpg se7en - 140815 - 5560.jpg

Magical Making

We headed into the heart of the studio, past dashing desks… to see the magical making in progress.

se7en - 140815 - 5540.jpg

se7en - 140815 - 5538.jpg

se7en - 140815 - 5541.jpg

se7en - 140815 - 0447.jpg

se7en - 140815 - 5542.jpg

se7en - 140815 - 5537.jpg

se7en - 140815 - 0426.jpg

Feast on the Fabric

se7en - 140815 - 5539.jpg

se7en - 140815 - 0429.jpg

se7en - 140815 - 0442.jpg

The Sensation

I have a feeling that certain family members were a little less interested in their mother person’s oohing and aahing over trendy cushions and bazillions of little zipper bags… I think a certain little fellow won their hearts and was very difficult to part with!!!

se7en - 140815 - 5568.jpg

So you can find Zana Products and their store online, right here. You can check out their new lovely Laptop sleeves right here. And yes… they even have workshops, where you can join in the fun. And finally if you find yourself to be a superfan, then head straight over to instagram and follow them there.

This is not a sponsored post, we were not paid to write it, we just love these guys and thought you would like a little tour around their store.

6 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Visit Fabric Creators Zana Products…”

  1. I would never leave. Absolutely gorgeous prints. (Dog is cute too) I would have been with you oohing and aahing. Dreaming of future projects. Big question. Did you leave with more than a fox bag?

  2. Oh Zoe… I have a thing for fabric, and honestly I love to look at it, but very rarely do anything with it. Firmly believe that fabric is art for its own sake!!! And yes I love our Zambian fabric forever!!!

  3. Hay Cheryl… Nope the bag was not enough!!! I gleaned some lovely zippered pouches as well – I just can’t resist them. Not even slightly. Hope you have all had a great week!!!

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