News Flash: Julia Donaldson Will be in Town…

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Did you know: Julia Donaldson is going to be in town, really. Cape Town and Johannesburg, for a show. This is truly exciting stuff for anyone who is a lover of great books for children. Julia Donaldson is a pioneer when it comes to producing books that the younger set will love and their parents will enjoy reading too and because of that influence encouraging little folk to be lovers of books and to carry that passion with them as they grow up… If you step into any childhood book world you are sure to bump into dozens of Julia Donaldson titles…

All of Julia Donaldson’s books are lyrical, the rhyme and the rhythm add so much to the stories, turns out she loves singing and drama and puts on a truly amazing show. You can take a peak at her performing her songs on YouTube… Really fun stuff for kids who are into drama and singing, and bringing books to life.

Julia Donaldson will be performing in Cape Town and Johannesburg in early February, Cape Town details are in the first image for the post and Johannesburg details are below.

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Thanks to Panmacmillan South Africa, who have brought Julia Donaldson out for us all to enjoy, we are looking forward to attending one of the shows.

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  1. Hay Cheryl, I know… can you imagine an actual real live Julia Donaldson show in Cape town… We are there for sure!!! Can’t wait!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

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