Bazillions of Bottle Top Flowers…

When you live with a natural maker… then between the recycling bin and the fabric scrap basket, you are going to find yourself surrounded by flowers… lots of them!!!

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Let’s Meet the Players

  • Fabric scraps
  • Beads
  • Bottle tops
  • White glue
  • Let’s Play the Game

    se7en - 300116 - 0425.jpg

    Choose and trim the scraps that you want to use as petals…

    se7en - 300116 - 0435.jpg

    Slightly flatten your bottle top… this part isn’t essential, but hay when a gal loves to use chunky tools from the tool box I’m all for it.

    se7en - 300116 - 0427.jpg

    Place the petals around the bottle top… Pour some glue onto of the petals and into the bottle cap…

    se7en - 300116 - 0449.jpg

    Drop sparkly beads into your glue…

    se7en - 300116 - 0423.jpg

    The more beads the merrier… Leave your flowers to dry over night…

    se7en - 300116 - 0433.jpg

    And slowly but surely you will grow a sweet collection of flowers…

    se7en - 010115 - 9825.jpg

3 Replies to “Bazillions of Bottle Top Flowers…”

  1. Hay Karen, so good to hear from you again… hoping you get to make heaps of flowers!!! have a lovely weekend and thanks for stoppng by!!!

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