Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #326

And so we have been busy… the sun was out the whole of last week, and so were we. It isn’t warm mind you, but it is sunny… and so we are enjoying the great outdoors… and then of course the Olympics have begun and there will be a fortnight of crazy sleep as some folk around here stay up late to watch their favourite athletes.


Otherwise we have another GiveAway about to launch, in our next post… and it is a fabulous one…


Lovely Links from This Week

  1. A couple of weeks back we posted about our week of volunteering, well here are the seniors we helped, enjoying a day out at the Table Mountain CableWay, while we painted their clubhouse.
  2. Kids Activities Blog has Olympic Crafts Covered… look no further!!!
  3. Follow Get Out With the Kids on this incredible challenge, if you have a thing for the English countryside.
  4. Blogtacular have done it again: Absolutely everything you need to know about Instagram Stories… the what, the where, the why and the how.
  5. Interesting World travel and Exams Around the World in the Atlantic.
  6. I have noticed that our evening ambles have become more consistent and it is suddenly easier to walk further and further… the other day we happily managed 15 km, which would have been unheard of at the start of our hiking journey, even a year ago we probably couldn’t have managed that. So I loved this post from Zen Habits, love the idea of a Long Walk, to sort any proverbial cobwebs.
  7. Imagine Childhood’s 10 summer Scrumptious Summer Recipes… Some of us in the Southern Hemisphere are just slightly beginning to long for summer…

A Blast From the Past:



And it Is World BreastFeeding Week:

From the mom who nursed her kids about forever…

And a GiveAway Winner

All the entries…


Carefully chosen…

Catjuggles: July 27, 2016 at 1:56 pm Oh we would love to win these!
Congratulations Cat, expect an email from us shortly, so that we can get your prize to you speedily!!!


Meanwhile our friends at Footprints on our Land, wanted our homeschooling friends to know about their Curriculum competition, which is also a charity fundraiser.

That’s us… Hope you are all had a fabulous weekend!!!

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