Se7en + 1 Ways to Pull A Blog Post Out of the Hat or Not…

So I spent the afternoon thinking… What on earth should I blog about… WHAT ON EARTH… the thing is the post I had planned needed some photographs that I haven’t been able to take yet and so I needed a spontaneous off-the-cuff kind of a post. And there it is, nothing came to mind… so here’s a post on what to do when absolutely nothing comes to mind.


se7en + 1 Ways to Pull A Blog Post Out of the Hat or Not…

  1. Get Outdoors: Everybody knows that I get my balance from the great outdoors. But there is an icy cold wind blowing and my lazy self just can’t stir me out there, I am thinking maybe a fine coffee would be a better idea.
  2. se7en-13-Oct-16-IMG_8546-3.jpg

  3. Create Something or Do Something Mundane: I love how my mind wanders when I am creating and drawing… today I got as far as sorting my pencils… not exactly creating, but it is a start. If you can’t create then doing some mundane chore can often leave your mind free to create as well… tidy your desk, clean out a draw, sort a closet, neaten a bookshelf… just pottering about, some folk would call this “wab-ing” or “work avoidance behaviour,” actually this is often the best way to discover new ideas for blog posts.
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  5. Get off the Internet and Read a Book: I know Pinterest is lovely, but no… you end up with a pile of posts ideas that other folk have written already, honestly, I just want to create my own posts, with my own ideas. Oh my word I have a huge pile of review books to read. Isn’t it great that I can read fab books for a living, dare I say I might have read a non review book in a sitting this afternoon. Loved it and ahem… still have a pile of review books on my desk!!! And honestly I don’t think my readers want to read about books all the time, I have a feeling they want something else every now and then as well.
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  7. Look in your Draft Pile: I have literally dozens of half written posts… Posts that never got past five points, and just can’t get to se7en… After a little search through my draft box: Se7en insane things my children believe, How to make math epically fun for everyone, My goals for the year… now that the year is closing in on us that would be a really great post to publish (not!!!).
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  9. Ask your Readers for Questions: But that is a dangerous path to go down, because as every blogger knows there is always that little voice, “Hay what if nobody actually reads your blog (because who really looks at stats and sees that folk are really reading away) and you get absolutely no questions whatsoever… In fact I only ever get one question, well mostly the same question, multiple times a week. Actually there is one other question: The answer is a simple one liner: No, you may not join our homeschool.
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  11. Write About What You Have Been Doing: Well in that case I should definitely write a post on my kids playing all day every day and the fact that we may never do school again… I firmly believe that play is the work of kids and leave them to it. The fact is, my kids have this idea that school requires them to sit at the table and do writing… so the fact that we have read piles of books and sat outdoors writing letters to friends, they have baked and sorted their closets and done tons of laundry… life skills for the win. Played UNO for hours and they have created another pirate ship in what once appeared to be a garden, but is now the distant seas and well LEGO, there is tons of complicated LEGO on the go here all the time.
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  13. Take a Break: Nobody needs to read your blog every single day, and I know everyone everywhere says be consistent blogger, even if consistent is once a week… but I have to say, I have a feeling that a night off every now and then should be something that you schedule into your plan… you do need a break from writing and I believe that followers need a break from reading as well.
  14. And the Se7en + 1th thing…

  15. Sleep on it: Reward yourself with a night off and get to sleep early, it’s amazing how inspired we can be after we have had a couple of dream cycles in our sleep bucket!!!

6 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Ways to Pull A Blog Post Out of the Hat or Not…”

  1. I enjoyed this blog post you pulled out of the hat, but I must say… I’m terribly disappointed to hear that you’re not admitting new students to your homeschool! That was my plan after all! Hope you have the very best weekend!

  2. Only 16 days to go, and then I’ll have completed my post every day for a year quest. Soon I can take a break :p

    Also though mini challenges are great for blogging mojo.

  3. Hay Cassey, that is quite a legendary run!!! I love mini-challenges or series… they definitely keep the blog ticking over!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. Hahaha Christi, I am so sorry to let you down!!! You would be amazed how many folk ask if they can join our homeschool… clearly not quite getting the “homeschool”idea completely… then again, one glance at our school and they may think our children are doing no work and so learning absolutely nothing ever… all they do is climb mountains and read… at a glance!!! Fun times… hope you guys have the best weekend!!!

  5. What! You call this pulling something out of a hat… I am embarrassed, I’d be lucky if I manage one sentence by pulling something out of a hat… Also I was quite looking forward to having free mornings when you taught my boys! You have now disappointed a number of people, I’m sure!

  6. Hahah ChrisH, Thanks you for the fun comment. Your lads are already considered to be part of the school, they need not apply… Hope your week is a good one!!!

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