Se7ens Completed Natural Factual Advent Calendar…

Here is our complete collection from our Natural Factual Advent Calendar on Instagram. For the past few years we have created an Advent Calendar of natural treasures. The idea is that a countdown to Christmas is such a lovely thing, but we would like to savour the treasures that we have, or that we discover on our journey through life… and that journey takes us to some really exciting places. So it really is a small reflection on the exciting places we have been and adventures we have enjoyed over the past while. Not to mention, it is something that the whole family can contribute to… everyone has a collection of little treasures and instead of them being hidden around the house they get showcased on the advent calendar.


How we Built our Natural Factual Calendar

We have had a window frame, just waiting for a project all year!!! And then one of our best blogging friends (thank you Marcia!!!) sent us a gift of Jacaranda Seed Pods and I knew what we had to do…

All the Pods

And some Glue Gun Magic

And we were Ready to Go…

Twenty-Four Days and Counting

se7en-02-Dec-16-IMG_9573-3.jpg se7en-03-Dec-16-IMG_9582-4.jpg se7en-04-Dec-16-IMG_9656-5.jpg se7en-04-Dec-16-IMG_9696-6.jpg se7en-05-Dec-16-IMG_9702-7.jpg se7en-06-Dec-16-IMG_9715-8.jpg se7en-08-Dec-16-IMG_9754-9.jpg se7en-09-Dec-16-IMG_9758-1.jpg se7en-10-Dec-16-IMG_9766-2.jpg se7en-11-Dec-16-IMG_9819-3.jpg se7en-12-Dec-16-IMG_9833-4.jpg se7en-13-Dec-16-IMG_9851-5.jpg se7en-28-Dec-16-IMG_9870-2.jpg se7en-28-Dec-16-IMG_9887-1.jpg se7en-16-Dec-16-IMG_9934-8.jpg se7en-17-Dec-16-IMG_9947-9.jpg se7en-18-Dec-16-IMG_9976-10.jpg se7en-19-Dec-16-IMG_9991-11.jpg se7en-20-Dec-16-IMG_0027-1.jpg se7en-21-Dec-16-IMG_0068-2.jpg se7en-23-Dec-16-IMG_0122-4.jpg se7en-24-Dec-16-IMG_0138-5.jpg se7en-25-Dec-16-IMG_0192-6.jpg

Previous Natural Factual Calendars


se7en - 261214 - 9698.jpg

That’s it… hope you are all having a great holiday break…

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  1. Hay Debbie, thank you… It really has been a great little project and now that it has become a tradition, it is something to look forward too!!! Hope you are having a great week!!!

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