Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #353…

Hay folks, we seem to have landed in the busy season it is all good, if not a little crazy over here right now. We are doing school, we are doing fun, we are slowly but surely but surely building our 2017 library and for some reason I have decided that this is the season to up my “Getting Things Done Year” game and I am clearing out stuff faster than even I can believe.


I am blogging over at Harassed Mom today…

She is posting a series on motherhood… and my motherhood story is over there!!!


Se7en Builds a Library Book by Book

Our library project is slowly but surely growing book by book… and a package is arriving everyday now. Huge thank you to SuperNova magazine for their fabulous contribution. If you would like to help us to build a library of books for a school in desperate need then look no further than this post here.

Lovely Links from This Week

  1. This book… 9 Months… I am absolutely dying to share it with my kids… all the real facts in a child friendly place, there will be lots to talk about… and I a that mother who likes to talk about everything with my kids!!!
  2. Can you beat Seth Golden Ever: The Self-Healing Letter of Complaint… You know for next time you really want to complain about something!!!
  3. Four Awesome Wonderbag Recipes… from Yuppie Chef of course. Comfort Food!!!
  4. If you are an audiobook fan then this on Modern Mrs Darcy is gold… go grab some free books.
  5. I am sure we all have a teacher we would never forget… Se7en Authors that Celebrate the Teachers They’ll Never Forget.
  6. The scientist in me loves this: Walter Munk’s Centennial Year. In the olden days when I was a student I worked under Walter Munk on sound prpoergation… looking back it is totally cool!!!
  7. Would you just look at these incredible libraries from around the world… on Starts at Eight.

A Blast From the Past:

This Week’s Highlights


I am Looking Forward to: A good weekend read and meeting Lesley Pearce next week.

Listening: This is my year for conquering the classics and so far I have managed to get a few under my belt, I just finished The Tale of Two Cities… what a tragedy, how did I not know the story before and what rich characters. Took a while to get into it but the beautiful wordage kept me engaged in the story and I had to know how it ended.

se7en-11-May-17-430505158_13700883448113642076-4.jpg se7en-11-May-17-429912328_14659931256661177778-3.jpg se7en-11-May-17-429727454_3600591734220769657-2.jpg se7en-11-May-17-429707380_14837853265700929066-1.jpg

Reading with the Kids: Who knew that Peter Slingsby of fabulous map fame, had also written a couple of books for kids. always looking for rich South African content to read and we have been enjoying these historical fiction stories… packed with richness that only the local landscape can provide.

Watching with the Kids: My kids are watching Makoccino on youtube right now… her boredom busters are fab!!!


Making rusks… because it is the season!!!

And Looking Forward to: The Penguin Waddle this weekend. Here’s the Waddle so far…

Day One: Gansbaai to Stanford

Day Two: Stanford to Hermanus

Day Three: Hermanus to Kleinmond

GiveAway Winners

It is time to bring you the Landy GiveAway Series Winner…


Huge thank you to so many of you for entering… the more you enter the more GiveAways we can post…

And our winner is: Lopke Apr 27, 2017 at 9:25 pm Oooh lovely! We’d definitely take a trip out to the mountains!

That’s us… Hope you are all having a fabulous week!!!


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