Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #356

It’s been a reading all weekend kind of weekend, you can expect a pile of book reviews to be up on the blog this week!!! Otherwise catching up with friends and getting used to the idea of SUMMERTIME!!!


I have been blogging over at the Sport Science Institute: How to Measure Progress When You don’t Appear to Be Making Any…


Lovely Links from This Week

  1. I absolutely love Styling You: Our blogs are the same age, we are of the same era and she blasts clothing and confidence and what you are wearing out of the water: Here are Styling You’s 15 Swimsuit Confidence Commandments for 2017. Basically get out there and enjoy the summer.
  2. Adorable Superhero Leaf Masks on Babyccino.
  3. Tim Denning on Addicted 2 Success on How I Spent the Last 3 Years Becoming Minimalist and Why You Should Too.
  4. You have to take a look at Malala’s Magic Pencil on Mr Schu Reads and watch the videos. This is a hugely anticipated book in our house.
  5. Hmmm… 5 Ways to reduce your Oil Consumption from Eco Kids.
  6. Dozens of non-fiction printable goodness from The F.C.B.G. National Non-Fiction Resources… in preparation for November.
  7. Food for thought: On The difference between our needs and requirements.
  8. And this folks is why I never miss a post from Who’s the Mummy, she literally makes me laugh until I cry.

A Blast From the Past:


This Week: Museum Night at the V and A Waterfront

We are so looking forward to this on the 25 October 2017… diarise it and look out for it… we loved the previous Museum night, check it out here…


Cape Town International Kite Festival 2017

Scanned Image 1.png


  • Saturday 28/Sunday 19 October 2017
  • Zandvlei Nature Reserve
  • R40 for adults, R15 for children under 12
  • Kites from China, England, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa
  • Proceeds to support Cape Mental Health
  • Details on the website here, #righttofly #CTKitefest

That’s us… hope you have the most fabulous week!!!


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  1. Thank you Marcia, isn’t it a stunner… so looking forward to night out tonight!!! When museum night happens and everything is free… well I have to dash down there!!! Chat soon!!!

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