Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #360

School’s are back and we, as usual aren’t quite, we are in full summer swing instead. Early morning and late evening visits to the beach and in the middle of the day, when it is too hot to breathe… we are reading, reading, reading…


Book Giving Day


It is very nearly Book Giving Day and we will be ready to bring you a new library project on the 14 February, look out for that post… because we can’t wait!!! If you want to take a peak at the previous Libraries we have created with our readers then take a peak at last year’s library… and previous year’s as well.


Featured on Red Ted Art

Our 3D Hanging Heart Decorations were featured on Red Ted Art’s #31DaysofLove Pop over and check them out…

Lovely Links from This Week

  1. Inspiration on how to write a story… when Frank Cottrell-Boyce tweets #500wordstips
  2. Because I love Handmade Charlotte and Valentine’s Day is on the Cards (!!!) – Valentine’s Crafts Kids Can Make on their Own…
  3. Love this… Decluttering Burst: Let Go of 100 Things in less than an hour… Yassss!!!! Do it!!!
  4. I firmly believe in being unable to do anything at all the first few weeks after having a baby. I am not alone: Pulling up the Drawbridge on Don’t Buy Her Flowers…
  5. Gotta Love Picture Book Biographies… on Imagination Soup…
  6. Jeff Goins and Please Don’t Write a Book This Year (and What You Should Do Instead)… and there is more… because this post is so good: How to Really Get Your Writing Done…
  7. And would you look at this: 31 Things Your Kids Should Do Instead of Homework… on the Parent Co.

A Blast From the Past:

Look how small they were!!!

GiveAway Winners


I announced last week’s GiveAway Winner’s of a complete set of Crazi Erazi… on our insta-stories… and the winners were…


Book of the Week

Well, since I last wrote a Fabulous Fun Post… I listened to possibly the most boring book on earth… so I will deftly ignore telling you about that, just to say that if anyone ever suggests you read a book called “Why we get fat…” save yourself twenty one chapters of tedium and eat a salad for supper. You will feel better for it… Meanwhile I rewarded myself by listening to The Girl Who Drank the Moon, by Kelly Barnhill… Love love love… this book has ALL the MAGIC. A miserable town that gives up their youngest baby to a hungry witch every year… and a confused magical woman that finds the baby every year, who can’t understand why these folk leave their babies out, and she makes sure these children grow up happy and loved, as well as imparting a little magic into each of them. Except Luna managed to drink more than a little magic when she was rescued… and she changes everything… this is a middle grade reader, think: fairytale, two parallel stories running alongside each other, with the main protagonists destined to collide. Loved it completely.

That’s us… hope you have the most fabulous week!!!


4 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #360”

  1. I still can’t believe I’m one of the winners 🙂 I should say I never win anything more often 🙂

    If you’re interested in how nature works and memoir, I highly recommend Lab Girl – I’m about 35% in and LOVING IT.

  2. Hay Marcia, So much for you never say never. I hope you get your package soon. And I will definitely check out your recommendation… you are always spot on!!! Have a fantastic week!!!

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