Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post… The Special Events Edition…

Firstly welcome to all the visitors we have received, who popped over from the Start Homeschooling Summit. I spent almost the whole of last week watching and learning and getting inspired… my goodness… there are so many fabulous homeschooling folk out there. I got a real sense of “I can totally do this,” which is a feeling most homeschool moms don’t actually carry in their backpockets!!! The free access is now closed, as the summit is over, but if you would like to know more then just follow the link.


Otherwise, through all that… we are suddenly back into school… we kind of fell into it… and that means that our days are pretty much full of hiking, getting to the beach and reading… it appears to be working. We are all learning, especially myself, and all the while filling our buckets with plenty of time outdoors.

Lovely Links from This Week

  1. Let’s start our links with … the Best Children’s Books on Bugs… on Imagination Soup!!!
  2. For all those moms, especially homeschoolers who don’t think they do enough… Brave writer’s Podcast… 55 Things I Did Not Do As a Homeschooler…
  3. I love Design Mom, she always tells it like it is, and here she says, “Tell Her First.” It’s a conversation to have with your daughters..
  4. We Are That Family… Writes straight to the heart, and Two Questions Every Christian Must Ask Themselves, is a post that everyone should read.
  5. If you don’t know Nuture Store… then dash over there and take a look at her lovely daffodil study!!!
  6. Alisa Burke’s Creating with a Kid series is the best!!! And her latest post… Working Large is just fantastic!!!
  7. My absolute fave foodie – real food, real fun for real families – on the internet is Simple Bites… well she posted How to make a Chocolate Icebox Number Cake… Just a helpful public announcement!!
  8. And if you need a little natural craftiness… Mollie Makes and Hashtags for Nature Inspired Crafting is your friend…

It appears to be event season… so I am packing this post with upcoming events…

Five for Fynbos Fundraiser

Towards the endow last year a raging fire swept through mountains of the south Peninsula, including the nursery of our friends at Cape Point. While fire is essential to our natural flora, fynbos… fire damage is very hard to come back from. They, and a couple of friends are hosting a fun event… and I know it will be fantastic… you might want to check it out.
se7en-27-Feb-18-five for fynbos-1.jpg

Join us on this three tiered experiential event celebrating the cycles of fire and fynbos. The three themes of Flames, Dormancy and Regrowth will be represented by three different bartenders creating three different gin based cocktails for your drinking pleasure. There will also be fire talks, flower crowns, light snacks, and an interactive wild flavor creation station. This event – partnered by Theonista and The Botanist Gin – is in aid of the Cape Point fires that took place last year in November with all proceeds going towards restoring the fynbos around the Good Hope Gardens Nursery.

Sea-Change Experience Immersion Course

se7en-03-Jul-17-Sea Change Experience March 2018-1.jpg

I mentioned recently that I had had my first underwater experience, crazy I know… after an entire lifetime of ocean loving I had never really looked under the surface. When people say there is a whole new world under there, what I was expecting was a whole NEW MAGICAL WORLD. I loved it, not that I am going scuba diving anytime soon… I really just used a mask and couldn’t even face a snorkel. Anyway it was Lisa Beasley, if you love the ocean and you are not following her on instagram… then get there already, who took us diving and showed us around. She and fellow members of the Sea-Change Team are having an Immersion Weekend… it looks incredible: intertidal walks, snorkelling, kayaking, cold water adaption and so much more are on the menu. If the ocean is your thing then you might want to take a peek at this Sea Change Weekend Experience in False Bay.

Turtle Road Trip


The Two Ocean’s Aquarium Turtle Road Trip starts this week and we are so excited about this… not to mention, you can be a part of it too… all the details are in the image below… if you are in the Southern Cape, then the Turtle Road Trip will be passing through a centre near you and everyone is welcome to stop by and visit with the Turtle Team and learn more about turtles…
se7en-14-Feb-18-Turtleroadtrip- a4-1.jpg

Meanwhile we are heading into turtle season here and if you do discover a stranded turtle on the beach… this infographic is designed to help you remember what to do with it…
se7en-25-Feb-18-turtle road trip infographic-4.jpg

GreenPop’s Reforest Fest

GPE-RFF-18 Cover - EVENT - Family Weekend

So many folk have asked us to remind them about the Greenpop Family Fest of Tree Planting… if you are looking for a family friendly comfortable camping weekend away… with a whole lot of tree planting thrown in for excellent good measure then look no rather than Greenpop’s family fest in March… and if you are looking for something a little vibey… then the Friend Fest the following weekend is for you. This is an excellent weekend for learning how to green your life and for encouraging your kids to become eco warriors. Take a look at my Forest Fest Adventure from last year…

RFF 2018 Poster - Web

Book Giving Day


Our Book Giving Day Project is coming together and I will be sharing all the details with you as soon as I can… In the meantime we have already started gathering books together… watch out for our impending library project. If you want to take a peak at the previous Libraries we have created with our readers then take a peak at last year’s library… and previous year’s as well.

GiveAway Winner…


And we have a GiveAway Winner… I am Just no Good at Rhyming from PanMacmillan Kids South Africa…



Nikki… you are a winner!!!

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