Here’s to Ten Years of Blogging…

We have had a week of hiking and adventuring in the great outdoors. Every single day… living the best life day after day, whatever the weather. And this is Cape Town, so the weather is all over the place… we have had pouring rain (hoorah) and snow on the mountain tops and sunshine for days. It has been splendid, it has been crazy and it has been fun. That being said… sometime during this past week our blog turned ten years old!!!


Ten years ago I posted a picture on the internet and hoped I could keep the grandparents updated with things we were up to… not for a moment guessing that we would make friends from all over the world. And that our seven kids would become se7en+1 kids. And ten years later we would still have things to tell you all… not expecting folk to follow along on our journey at all… it has been great, it has been fantastic in fact.

For ten years we have been sharing stories, sharing adventures and posting pictures of our life and times… peeks into our school day and following along on our outings and all the books!!! We are going to celebrate with at least a week of books on the blog. So many many great books to share with you. And watch out for GiveAways!!! I have one or two that I know you will all love!!! Happy reading, happy weekending… and most important happy blogging…

4 Replies to “Here’s to Ten Years of Blogging…”

  1. Congratulations on the anniversary!!!! Amazing to see how grown the kids are. Here’s to many more years of blogging

  2. Thank you Mrs FF, isn’t it amazing how they all grow up!!! I am so glad that I have this collection of memories stored up for them to see when they are older!!!

  3. I have loved reading your blogs for a long time! Thanks for a glimpse into your family life, many inspiring ideas, fun activities, delicious recipes and thought-provoking reads. I love them all!

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