While our Summer Holidays are nowhere near over, we are getting ourselves slowly back into gear and a rhythm. It’s a thing, the mid-summer holiday collapse… where I used to fight it and try and get my entire life in order by January 1, I now embrace it… and I am much better off for a break. In fact everyone is better for it. However, I do have some exciting news for our followers.

Celebrate Every Single Day With Se7en’s Calendar

Along with a fresh looking blog we have finally, finally opened a store. Over the years we have created resources to print off and use with some of our blog posts and so I thought I would create a store, with a couple of easy to use, printable resources for our followers. And our first resource is here: Celebrate every single day with our Fun Printable Calendar. Twelve months to print off and colour in your own unique way. It works well with our monthly calendar posts… where you can discover those extra special days that deserve to be celebrated, like World Chocolate Day and Einstein’s Birthday; Cookie Day and World Turtle Day. Mark off your special days on your calendar, add on your friends and family birthdays and pop it on the fridge or into your children’s journals… and keep up to date with all your own special occasions. We will still be publishing all our calendar posts this year… but if you would like to get a head start on your year… then click on the banner at the top of our website, where you can purchase either a blank 2019 calendar, or an illustrated 2019 calendar… or both together.


Our blog, which I have managed to keep completely free until now, is going to start costing me. All our photographs, from every blog post, are stored on Flickr, which has just become a paid resource rather than a free resource. And so I need to earn a little income in order to keep our blog thriving. We have been planning and working on the idea of a video series, and now that all my knowledgeable technically minded kids have been on summer break… it is all about to launch. We are going to be starting a video series… packed with homeschooling and parenting tips. And along with the video series we are going to have some printable resources for sale in our new shop. The video series will be available for free and up on the blog… now would be a great time to send us some questions and ask us about topics that you would like to know more about…

Lots of planning and thinking has gone into this series… and our first video will be all about setting goals for your new school year… how to plot and plan and strategise through those first few weeks, without being completely overwhelmed by all that is involved in a new school year… looking forward to launching this later in the week, but in the meantime. I would love if you would take a look at our calendar, and keep an eye on our store, because more products will be added to it, as time goes by.

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  1. Hay there, they are finally rolling out… it’s going to be a video a month and lots of goodies to go with them… I am excited about putting them together… nothing like a new project to get your year off to a fabulous start!!!

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