It is exactly Five Weekends away from Greenpop’s annual Family Reforest Festival in the beautiful indigenous forest of Platbos, in the Southern Cape. If you are looking for an adventurous family weekend away, with the Greenpop team. If you dream of planting a forest, tree by tree… then this exactly the weekend for you. You and your kids can join the Greenpop Treevolution.

If your idea of fun is campfires, and friends, chattering into the night, and playing games, learning all about how to live greener, kid friendly activities for the whole family and planting trees… a forest of trees… then this is exactly the kind of weekend festival you want to attend. A year or two back I was lucky enough to join the Greenpop team for a weekend of camping and tree planting…


I loved every second of it, including trying to hoist a tent on my own in the pitch dark and a howling gale… even that couldn’t dampen my spirit. That was followed by the most beautiful calm peaceful morning and tramp into the forest to plant trees… tools and trees and “how to lessons”, teams created and good spirits all round… next thing we new, we had planted a baby forest… There is a lot of magic involved in planting trees.

So many exciting people to meet, so many fantastic ideas… about green living and sustainable lifestyles… lessons to take home to teach your friends, for your kids to absorb, and to teach their friends. We have so much to learn about the environment around us and what better place to learn than in the great outdoors, from like minded folk.


There are two Reforest Fest Weekends, one specifically focused on family activities and one focused on Friends. The festival takes place in the southern most forest in Africa, between Stanford and Gansbaai. Planting new indigenous trees and clearing of aliens is part of a long Greenpop tradition in the Platbos Forest, se7en years in fact. A weekend away, where if you aren’t planting there are local musicians entertaining around the campfire, eco-workshops for all ages and stages, talks from all sorts of environmental experts… you will definitely go home with a spring in your step, full of inspiration and full of renewed energy to share the green living message far and wide.


Greenpop is an environmental NGO that connects like-minded people with reforestation efforts, through this project they raise environmental awareness and effectively make use of many hands make light work… and collectively with the help of folk from all walks of life they have managed to replant forests all over South Africa and Southern Africa. Not just indigenous forests, but food forests, all the while encouraging sustainable living and minimal impact on the world around them as they journey on their quest to green and grow enthusiastic earth-loving ambassadors, from all walks of life, from every corner of the globe.

Video From The Family Reforest Fest in 2018…

Take a Look At My Trip To The Family Reforest Fest…

Take a Photo tour of my trip to the Reforest Fest by clicking on the image below…

Details for this Year’s Event…


For all the details, click on the link to the Reforest Fest Website.

This is not a sponsored post, I have not been paid to write it and opinions expressed are entirely my own. Greenpop is an NGO that I have worked with for a number of years, I believe they perform a highly necessary role and look forward to supporting them in the future.

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