So my year got off to a great start, after not being able to see the surface of my desk for months… really months. I cleared everything off, gathered all my blogging goodies together, piles of books to review and masses of blog ideas. I prepared several blog posts and then, my computer exploded or died or did what ever computers do at the end of their lifetime. Gone was all my work, my steady supply of pending posts, but it turns out I am not ready to give up blogging at all. Finally, my computer is back in working order this week and I am good to blog again.

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I thought I would begin with a newsy post… There was a wedding in the house, is there any other news really!!! It was lovely, first to realise that my kids are all growing up so fast and secondly that at least for one child… my job is actually done.
se7en-01-Dec-19-Whitagram-Image (38)

It was a truly special time and gang of proud and happy siblings…
se7en-01-Dec-19-Whitagram-Image (43)

And yes, our faces did hurt the next day from all the smiling!!!
se7en-01-Dec-19-Whitagram-Image (42)

se7en-01-Dec-19-Whitagram-Image (41)

Happy days and totally worth all the weeks of preparations and little surprises…
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I have to say, it felt like a long, long wait…
se7en-01-Dec-19-Whitagram-Image (27)

But finally the day arrived…
se7en-01-Dec-19-Whitagram-Image (26)

Petals were gathered…
se7en-01-Dec-19-Whitagram-Image (8)

And sweet summer days in anticipation…
se7en-01-Dec-19-Whitagram-Image (5)

And finally friends and family gathered together to celebrate these two…
se7en-01-Dec-19-Whitagram-Image (55)

Who put on a magnificent cake and coffee reception… complete with a coffee truck that I completely forgot to photograph in all the excitement!!!
se7en-01-Dec-19-Whitagram-Image (56)

A perfect summer evening under fairy lights under the shadow of Table Mountain…
se7en-01-Dec-19-Whitagram-Image (46)

And was there cake!!!

And a sparkler send off of note…

And we made them a wish tree… full of special little notes for them…

I have to say, I loved it all… It turns out that weddings require loads of attention to detail and tons of last minute panic, (just as well my computer was away on a trip), and good friends rushing to the rescue. And all totally, totally worth it, just to see our happy couple on cloud nine… fun times ahead for them!!!

We used exactly this wish tree idea to create a Valentines tree for RED TED Art this week… jump over and take a look at our guest post over there.

Along with a wedding come visitors, and we were thrilled to have our Swiss cousins for a week of visiting… they brought loads of chocolate (of course) and we showed them all the best beaches, and the best ice cream spots. These should definitely be blogged… because surely everyone needs to know where Cape Town’s best ice-cream spots are!!! So watch this space…

4 Replies to “Starting the Year With a Wedding… Happy Days!!!”

  1. Just smiled my whole way through looking at these photos and reading about the big day. Congratulations to the whole gang 🙂
    (you’re blogging mojo is better than mine, 8 months later and I still haven’t posted our big day)

  2. Oh Erin, I loved it all so much, and still can’t help myself scrolling through the photographs… what an unforgettable day. Can’t really get over how quickly this all flies by!!! All the best to you all…

  3. Congratulations to the newlyweds.
    What magical pics! I can’t imagine the excitement of it all, for everyone.
    Well done mom and dad …. you can be so proud.

  4. Oh Sue, it has made my day that you stopped by… what a magical day it was. So proud of these two, they have done so well… and survived lockdown together on the far side of greater Cape Town, I absolutely can’t wait to see them again!!!

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