Today, continuing in my series of two books a day, I am posting two picture books that we have loved lately… the first one is “almost calm” and classic, and the second one is robust and very bouncy. I promised you there would be something for everyone over here.

Two Brilliant Picture Books We Have Been Reading Lately

Lion Lessons by Jon Agee


This book is a lovely, lovely story of friendship and all things lionish. It has a fabulous classical feel to it, and fills me with a sense of nostalgia… it feels exactly like the kind of book that my parents would have read to me as a child. Lovely large format, and large simple illustrations… one of those “A picture says a thousand words” kind of illustrations.

A small boy decides to take a class in how to be a lion, and it turns out his lion skills are somehwat lacking… he doesn’t run fast, he doesn’t roar well, in fact he is just not that spectacular… he tries all sorts of new techniques and he learns all sorts of skills. At the end of it all he is not an exceptional student… mediocre to say the least. The final step in being a good lion, however, is looking out for your friends.
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It turns out (spoiler alert) that our young lion trainee is exceptionally good at that. In fact he is more than a little heroic… this story is a lovely surprise. Classic, loyalty and all the feel good things that a great story book needs.

The Creature Choir by David Williams and illustrated by Tony Ross


And from a calm and relaxing story… we have the complete opposite. A cacophony of music and bedlam… and the perfect book for a very bouncy bedtime romp. Uproarious to say the least…

This is the story of Warble the Walrus and his friends, she is a warbler… and truth be told not a very good one. But, really, who cares… She has a dream to be in the Great Big Animal Talent Show. Those near and dear to her literally cannot stand the warbling, and when she caused an avalanche, yes it was that bad(!), they banish her… but like all good stories, she is not alone. One by one she is joined by a collection of animals, who all make the most horrendous noises… and together they make a raucous and ATROCIOUS choir.

It turns out that while you may be appealing on your own, when everyone gathers together and sings their heart out and has a whole load of fun… that great and wonderful things can happen. There is something to be said for the mighty sound of happiness…
And while I am here, can I mention that David Walliams has a wonderful website, it is absolutely packed with activities and printables.

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