At the start of the lockdown I wrote a post: Ten, Nine, Eight, Se7en, Six Ways to Stay Home With the Kids for the Duration, and in that post I mentioned that Jennie Maizels was giving some of her online workshops away, to help those stuck at home. I have to say that at that stage we had no idea how long we would be stuck away and the idea of being at home for three weeks was a little challenging. Six weeks later and these online lessons have been invaluable. We have enjoyed them immensely, they have been fabulous for all ages and stages of artist in our home.

se7en-08-Jul-15-Jennie in studio for
Image used with permission of Jennie Maizels.

Somehow being creative at a time like this is extremely soothing and well done to her for rising to the occasion and sharing. I have to say, we love and adore her work… you can read our interview with Jennie Maizels over here. In fact we introduced our readers to her lovely online Sketchbook Club there. Her online Sketchbook Club has workshops that are packed with ideas, and creative things to learn and try out… online inspiration for the win.

We have been treating ourselves to one or two workshops a week… and settling in and making full use of audible’s free books for children, while we create.

Image used with permission of Jennie Maizels.

Jennie Maizels’ Online Sketchbook Club

These workshops are created to help you fill up a sketchbook with lovely artwork. It is art to a “recipe” so you can not go wrong and you will have a beautiful artwork when you are finished. And each class comes with a specific skill or technique to learn and then the world is your oyster as you take your new skills and apply them to your own art adventures.


  1. Gather your Materials: Markers, watercolours, acrylics, pencil crayons, pencils, paper, scissors… and anything else arty/crafty that you like to use to create.
  2. Select Your Theme: There are dozens to choose from: seasons, pets, elephants, and laundry… sardines!!! And nature tables, potting sheds, owls, tea cups… really endless ideas and each with a new technique as well.
  3. se7en-25-Apr-20-Whitagram-Image 4

  4. Gather Your Printables: With each module there is a set of instructions and associated printables.
  5. se7en-02-Apr-20-IMG_5789

  6. Watch the Video: There is a “How to Video” on her Sketchbook Club Channel on YouTube, for each class.
  7. se7en-02-Apr-20-IMG_5794

  8. Dive in: And go…
  9. se7en-02-Apr-20-IMG_5819


So interesting to see, given the same starting point, how different people created different projects…




The Jennie Maizels Gallery for Autumn











Jennie Maizels Sketchbook Club Gallery



se7en-25-Apr-20-Whitagram-Image 3


More Jennie Maizels!!!

If you are looking for more Jennie Maizel fun, it’s free and available online from the Shakespeare Week Website… there is a down loadable Sketchbook to fill in and enjoy, as well as several other projects: create an Elizabethan Portrait, Create a mini- Stratford-Upon-Avon and so on.

Thank you so much to Jennie Maizels for gifting us with your SketchbookCLub online lessons… we have so so enjoyed them. Such wonderful and creative fun for the entire family.

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