Guide to Seabirds of Southern Africa

by Peter Ryan


This is the new edition of the Guide to Sea Birds of Southern Africa by Peter Ryan. When you live at the coast, you can’t help but wonder at the number of seabirds around you. This book is a comprehensive guide to sea birds. The introduction makes fascinating reading, it is packed with information about how birds live in the ocean environment, their life cycle, what they feed on and conservation amongst other things.

The book is divided into families, from Penguins to Albatrosses, Petrals to Skuas… and even a special section on flying animals: fish and squid. Each bird gets a full spread, with a number of colourful photographs to help you identify your bird, there is a distribution map, as well as a full description of each bird, their conservation status, their call and a heap of interesting details as well.

This book on Seabirds is an absolute must for birders living close to the shore. It is a great read and an asset to any birder’s book collection. Most folk would have their favourite bird book at hand, but this one should definitely be added to their pile, it is extremely readable, not to mention giftable.

Kids’ Birds of Southern Africa

by Hélène Loon


Alright, stop and take a look at this fantastic book… Kids’ Bird book of Southern Africa is an absolute must read for curious kids and should be in every school library all over the country. This large format book is packed with full colour spreads, loads of photographs and diagrams to explain all the details. The spreads are thematic, starting with an introduction to birds in general, followed by broad types of birds: seabirds, freshwater birds, ground birds, nocturnal birds, bush and woodland birds and urban birds.

From African Penguins to Egyptian Geese and everything in between. Each bird gets about a full page spread, full of specific facts about the bird, it’s feeding and breeding and so on.

It is a very much “Did you know?” kind of book, the kind where as your child is reading away they will look up and ask the question… short punchy paragraphs, written for curious kids of all ages.

The layout of this book is beautifully done, the photographs have been carefully selected to demonstrate the facts… easy reading and loads of factual facts. This book is a gem, and if you have a child who loves non-fiction, the great-wild-outdoors, and animal life, then this is a fabulous read.

Easy reading for a child and fascinating reading for an adult, together a great book for making memories.

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