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The life and times of a homeschooling mom of se7en+1

We are a green, healthy living, eco-friendly, homeschooling family, living in Cape Town, South Africa. We have a lifestyle blog, where we blog about all things to do with family fun. We are passionate about the great outdoors, reading and being tourists in our town. We firmly believe in volunteering and once a year, with the help of our blog followers, we create a library for a school in need. I do blog anonymously and don’t share our names online, everyone who works with me calls me by my blog name, se7en. (Se7en being the number of children we had when we started blogging ten years ago).
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Social Media: @se7en_hoods

Instagram: 2 552
Twitter: 1 940
Pinterest: 25 800, more than 550K viewers a month.

Website Stats

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Users: 3098
Sessions: 4006
Pageviews: 5701
Male/Female: 55%/45%
Age: 27% between 18-24; 34% between 25-34%
Country: U.S.A – 40%; R.S.A – 30%; UK+Canada+Australia – 15%

Our blog is read by families from all over the world looking for fun things to do with their kids. We see our blog as a Gateway to Africa, with about 60% of our followers from around the world looking for things to do in Cape Town and sunny South Africa. We have a loyal base of followers, that have been following us since we began blogging in 2008, all the while our readership has been steadily growing. Our blog is reader driven, we consider our followers to be friends and will never compromise our relationship with them by blogging about products or events, unless we have tried and tested them first.

Brand Ambassador

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Personally, I have been a Brand Ambassador for the Healthy Weight Programme at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa for the past year. I have over that time lost 20 kg, and reduced my ParkRun time by 20 minutes. You can read about my journey to health here…

Speaker at the Start Homeschooling Summit


As a homeschooling mom of eight children, and our family knowing no other way of learning… I was thrilled to be invited to speak on World Schooling at the Start Homeschooling Summit.

Brands That We Work With

Book Reviews: We have been reviewing books for South Africa’s leading publishers for the past ten years: PanMacmillan, South Africa; Penguin Random House; Struik Nature; Jonathan
Ball Publishers; and Jacana. For a look at our Book Review Posts, you can follow this link here.
Local Tourism: Other brands that we work within the City of Cape Town, are City SightSeeing and the Red City Bus; Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and Fancourt Golf Estate. If you would like to see the sort of work we have done with these brands… please pop over to our Media Page.
Volunteering: We blog for GreenPop and enjoy posting about their tree planting events and more recently we blogged for Citizen Science as well as the Cape Town Environmental Educational Trust (CTEET).
Guest Appearances: As well as writing about parenting and homeschooling for a number of local blogs, I have written articles for Family Fun Magazine and regularly blog for Cape Gate Shopping Center.


Blog Post of 750 words (including one twitter share): R2500.
Additional Cost for Photographs within the Post: R1000.
Additional media share, across: Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest: R500. each.

If you would like to know more about us, then take a look at our about page, and if you would like to know more about the work that we do and brands that we work with then take a look at our media page. Feel free to email me: se7en@se7en.org.za