Se7en’s Winter List…

All the summer posts around the world are so stunning, it is just killing me!!! I am always saving things for a rainy day – the rainy days are indeed now, and instead of longing for spring I am trying to embrace The Cape Town Winter!!! So I decided to start a winter list… my kids had a couple of ideas like making a whole world of puppets… and bazillions of board games… They see I am following through with them suddenly they have a whole lot more ideas. I can see I am going to have to keep updating our winter fun list but here’s the start:

  1. Half Way Party: It is time for a party… a tea party with all the bells and whistles. Cake and cream and sprinkles… an bunting and streamers.
  2. Halfway Party

  3. A Cup Cake Cook Off: It has been months since we baked cup cakes and had a decorating splurge!!!
    Have a Cupcake Cookoff

  4. Walk the Neighbors Dogs: My guys are very keen to take on this task, maybe it is time we went for an afternoon stroll on the mountainside a couple of times a week.
    Walk the Neighbors Dogs...

  5. Paper Plate Safari Masks: Definitely time to make masks again!!!
  6. Paperplate Safari Masks...

  7. Dress Up and Go: We are getting our dress-up together and time to go out in all the gear.
  8. Dress up and go...

  9. Whale Watching: I have to get out and go looking for whales, they only visit us in the winter and we need to get around to go and have a dedicated look for them.
  10. Whale Watching

  11. The Windowsill Garden: Ours needs a total revival!!!
  12. Windowsill Garden

  13. Newspaper Hockey: Newspaper rolled and taped for sticks and you can use beanbags for the ball, but balloons make it a little but harder… they are never quite where you expect them!!!
  14. Newspaper Hockey

  15. Masking Tape Roads: I have this idea of a maze of roads threaded around the house with masking tape… and a matchbox car revival!!!
  16. Masking Tape Roads

  17. Recycle Art: Our recycling bag is permanently in a state of “raid,” but I think an afternoon with tape and glue and paints. Now there are some folk around here that would totally love that!!!
  18. Recycle Art

  19. Story Stones: I have just been dying to make these!!!
  20. Story Stones

  21. Torch Tag: After bedtime…
  22. Torch Tag

  23. Weaving: My kids are dying to do weaving…paper, fabric, threads, nature… any kind of weaving!!!
  24. Weaving

  25. Potato Print Fabric: Since I may never get around to quilting, I would so love to buy eight white duvet covers and potato print them.
  26. Fabric

  27. Send Some Letters: To all our friends around the world…
  28. Letters

  29. Movie Night: Now this I am all for, anything that requires collapsing on the couch under blankets, with a bowl of buttered popcorn… sounds like a fine idea to me!!!
  30. Popcorn

  31. A Walk in the Rain: The challenge here is that in true South African style we are completely ill-equipped. That is simply because as a nation we pretty much deny that Winter even exists… so why on earth would we prepare for it with adequate clothing, for instance!!!
  32. a walk in the rain

  33. Cookout in the Cold: Nothing beats cooking over an open fire, if there is a survival element to it and you had to endure the cold then all the better.
  34. cook out in the cold

  35. Streamer Toss on a Windy Day: Why my kids go for this I don’t know, but they do!!! The wilder the weather, the better.
  36. streamer toss

  37. Rainbow Nails: Katherine Marie reminded me how much my little girls like rainbow nails… must, must, must get round to it.
  38. rainbow nails

  39. A Camera Scavenge: It is so long since we had one of these!!! It certainly is time to send everyone on a scavenge again…
  40. camera scavenge day

  41. A Knitting Challenge: A couple of my kids can knit but they have never found a project that they really liked… that is until they saw Zsa Bat beanies on Adventures in Babywearing a couple of weeks ago.
  42. knitting challenge

  43. Comics: We have them, but we forget that we have them!!! So we need to put them in plain site and declare a few comic days…
  44. comics

  45. SleepOvers: My kids are all for these and camping all over the house… piles of mattresses, blankets, pillows and kids!!!
  46. sleepover

  47. Ice-Cream Outings in the Cold: Let’s be honest ice-cream is good whatever the weather… it always makes you feel better!!!
  48. ice-cream outings

  49. Puzzling: We hardly ever do puzzles and we have had a great big 2000 piece puzzle for ever and have never managed it… now is the time.
  50. puzzles

  51. Bring Back the Party: My kids haven’t had a party forever and they would like that to change… where have I been it has been a while since we had a party and I do need to get a couple of parties out of my head… let’s have some parties seems like a good idea!!!
  52. parties

  53. Let it Snow: We have had this bag of snow to play with forever… let’s get on with it!!! Everyone knows it never gets cold enough to snow here so could we please please please play with the fake stuff!!!
  54. snow

  55. Menu Week: My kids want a whole week where they do all the planning all, the cooking and I think all the cleaning up as well!!! I am all for it!!!
  56. menu

  57. Show Time: My kids would love to be part of a show… I am warning you we are about to enter the world of many many many puppets…
  58. showtime

  59. LegoLand: My kids favorite outing ever was a trip to Legoland… I am challenging with a week of Lego and they have to use every single piece of lego in the house, and I will not ask them to put it away, I fully intend to hold my breathe for a week…
  60. lego

  61. Play-do: I haven’t made play-do forever… and it is time to reinvent the wheel and make a giant batch… thank heavens for my Kitchen Aid…
  62. playdo

  63. Games: We have a bunch and I never get round to playing them… they are all sorted and ordered and ready to play… Let’s play them!!!
  64. games

  65. Book, Books, Books: Going to the library is a summer outing for us!!! We head down in the evening after dinner… Well how fun would it be to head out in the dark and gather up a collection of books… I need to do this – for everyone’s sake!!!
  66. books

    That’s our Winter list so far… but is growing and growing as I type!!!




16 Replies to “Se7en’s Winter List…”

  1. All great ideas for those of us thrifting and hitting garage sales this summer!

    I love the Lego challenge! I may try that if we have a few rainy days in a row, or even a heat wave. The kids can hang out in the cool basement and figure out how to use up every Lego.

  2. Hay Barb… Don’t worry my kids are coming up with more and more ideas and I will add them to the list on the weekend!!! The Lego challenge is killing my kids because they can’t decide on a theme… so every day they do a restart/rethink… there is a huge debate going on!!! Lots of fun!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. Such lovely cards!! And I love that you titled them all. I need to do that. I want to, then end up just numbering them. All art needs a name don’t you think!!

  4. Thanks MJ, We are so enjoying the ICAD project… loving the moment to create and the kids are loving the projects. This may be our first winter that flies by!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

  5. These are just stunning ideas. I could use some of these four our winter fun here in WA. They would make great launch ideas for scout and guide badges too.

  6. Hi Emma, So glad you liked them, my kids are loving them… we had some really crispy cold weather this weekend but we could get outdoors… So for the first time ever I am hoping for some more rain so that we can do a couple more things on our list!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  7. Your crew’s cards are so playful and fun! I am so thrilled that you guys are feeling a little better and back to the challenge on your rainy winter days. I would trade our 100 F plus temps for rain and clouds any time! Thank you for playing along, for adding your cards to the flickr pool, for cheering others on!!!

  8. Dianne, Thanks so much for stopping by… busy indeed!!! It has been a really fun project!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  9. Hay Tammy, So good to be back in the swing, I am so enjoying looking at everyone’s cards – it is such a brilliant project… I may have to change the name of our list to the “anytime fun list” because I can tell my kids won’t want to stop!!! Do you think anyone ever made a book just out of cards… fun idea fro a crafty inspiration book!!! Have a great week!!!

  10. HI Dianne, HAppy Halfway indeed, hasn’t it been fun!!! I love the variety of your cards and the intertwining use of words – brilliant!!!

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