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Bill Martin Jr. Book covers in Se7en Steps…

March 20th, 2010 · 19 Comments

So today is Bill Martin Jr’s Birthday and our craft this week was in celebration of this great event. So we have been reading:


Here we go in se7en Steps:

  1. We stared with Brown Bear, Brown Bear:
  2. DSC_0702DSC_0703

  3. And we began by making tissue paper animals – everyone chose their favorite… rip and tear:
  4. DSC_0707DSC_0708DSC_0711

  5. And stick:
  6. DSC_0709DSC_0712DSC_0705DSC_0710

  7. There you go a couple of animals:
  8. DSC_0741DSC_0742DSC_0746DSC_0745DSC_0744DSC_0743DSC_0740DSC_0739

  9. Then we needed some alphabet letters and used our watercolors for brightness and fun. One plain color and leave it to dry…. then a couple of contrasting colors with thick watercolors – (only dip your brush in water once or twice)… for madly decorated alphabet letters. There you go a couple of letters.
  10. DSC_0749

  11. Finally a quick cut and stick on to some contrasting paper and our book covers are good to stick onto our journals…
  12. DSC_0754DSC_0753DSC_0758DSC_0759DSC_0757DSC_0763DSC_0761DSC_0755

  13. Since we are back in school and we need some book covers. These will be perfect…

Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

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