Bill Martin Jr. Book covers in Se7en Steps…

So today is Bill Martin Jr’s Birthday and our craft this week was in celebration of this great event. So we have been reading:


Here we go in se7en Steps:

  1. We stared with Brown Bear, Brown Bear:
  2. DSC_0702DSC_0703

  3. And we began by making tissue paper animals – everyone chose their favorite… rip and tear:
  4. DSC_0707DSC_0708DSC_0711

  5. And stick:
  6. DSC_0709DSC_0712DSC_0705DSC_0710

  7. There you go a couple of animals:
  8. DSC_0741DSC_0742DSC_0746DSC_0745DSC_0744DSC_0743DSC_0740DSC_0739

  9. Then we needed some alphabet letters and used our watercolors for brightness and fun. One plain color and leave it to dry…. then a couple of contrasting colors with thick watercolors – (only dip your brush in water once or twice)… for madly decorated alphabet letters. There you go a couple of letters.
  10. DSC_0749

  11. Finally a quick cut and stick on to some contrasting paper and our book covers are good to stick onto our journals…
  12. DSC_0754DSC_0753DSC_0758DSC_0759DSC_0757DSC_0763DSC_0761DSC_0755

  13. Since we are back in school and we need some book covers. These will be perfect…

Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

20 Replies to “Bill Martin Jr. Book covers in Se7en Steps…”

  1. Mr. Martin would be so proud!!! I know he’d smile at the creativity and colors— quite possibly his best birthday gift ever!!! I need to get a new copy of Brown Bear, Brown Bear because the last page is gone (hmmmm) and that was my VERY favorite page to read ever.

  2. Hay KM!!! Sorry about your Brown Bear – clearly someone else’s favorite too!!! I have to thank you again and again for he crayons for the kids – they are so loving having their own crayons with their pile of books in the morning. Why have I never thought of that before!!! Inspired I say!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

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