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The Week That Was… 6.38

March 29th, 2014 · 2 Comments

And just like that the season has changed…


We had our first real rain of the season… and the morning and evening temperatures ha dropped slightly and us summer folk are already reeling in shock!!!


Our evening are looking more like this… crisp and cool…


And stunning…




It is the perfect time of year for the beach… the crowds have left and we claim it!!!


We are still conquering our almost daily walk…


Some of us are a little more athletic than others…


But we may have to reschedule slightly, because the other evening we were surprised to emerge from the library to discover it was pitch dark and pouring with rain…


This may well be the year that we up the number of visits we make to the library each week…


Meanwhile they do find stairs for me…


And in fact there were two teens that challenged me to the super circuit the other day… I’d like to say they were in awe, but I cannot stretch the truth so far, however they were rather surprised and they haven’t re-challenged!!!


And it is the season for… tea and buns… we are embracing this!!!


Npt to mention, friends visiting us for tea and scones and bringing the scones… fun times…


And quiet Sunday suppers… for my youngest “his and hers…”


The gang have been cooking up a storm…


Anyone for peach cobbler or lemon cookies…



And a couple of chores…


And just like that we are back in school and we have been boxed… we will post you a “we have been boxed” post next week!!!



Meanwhile welcome to the creative centre of Cape Town, my kids appear to be on some sort of expressive roll… Mr Blockhead is out and about almost daily… not to mention ships and shipping…


And someone is creating the whole world on a daily basis…


And the Artwork of the Week:

Carefully created people by the bazillion… there is just not enough paper in the whole world…


And the Book of the Week:

Yes, we dived in and we are reading #2 in the series… it seems fitting my father has been really ill and he read these books to me as a child. And we have been re-discovering why he likes all the treats that he loves, because they were the favourites of the children featured in these books, his favourite childhood books.

And this is what the Hoods have been up too:

Hood #1: Lego…


Hood #2: Science…


Hood #3: Playlists…


Hood #4: Flying…


Hood #5: Meringues…


Hood #6 and #7: Created a very happy gallery…


Hood #8: Driving…


I have raised eight children that have no idea that when you place money in the slot these machines spin around… I thought this was a great achievement until a really good friend of mine mentioned that this was perhaps a “serious mothering fail” on my part. Oh dear!!!

And on that note… we would like to wish you all the very best weekend…

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  • 1 cat@jugglingact // Mar 31, 2014 at 10:03 am

    I love these updates. We are also truly now in autumn – a bit early this year for us but I suspect the big rain had much to do with it. We had a weekend of Lego, Lego and Lego. All 3. Must be the best toy ever.

    And care to share the lemon cookies recipe?

  • 2 se7en // Mar 31, 2014 at 3:29 pm

    Hay Cat, I believe you all had BIG rain.. we had about four days of rain and after that we were going just a little crazy… not looking forward to winter at all!!! You are not the first to ask about Lemon cookies, we will post a recipe specially!!!

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