Saturday Spot: Earth Hour and Time to Plant Some Trees…

So tonight was Earth Hour and time to make an environmental promise for a greener planet…

WWF - Earth Hour

So I asked our kids: “What is a Green House?”

Clearly we still have quite a bit to learn about living a greener life. There are so many things we can do to live a greener life and every little bit you do really does make a difference. Using less electricity, conserving water, recycling and going car-free are choices we can make that do make a difference. We love creating green projects like beach clean-ups and we are always on the look out for fun family events focusing on a greener environment.

GreenPop is a local environmental organisation that believes that greening the environment can be fun. They don’t just talk about living greener they actually get folks and volunteers to get “doing.” Their projects are ambitious, they set out to plant thousands of trees in local communities. Just recently GreenPOP contacted us to tell us about themselves and an upcoming project and we just had to share it with our readers… we think you would be excited about it too.

photograph courtesy of GreenPop.

Imagine a TREEmendous weekend that you and your family would enjoy – join Greenpop from the 9th to 11th of May for The Platbos Reforest Fest. Going on its fourth year, this POPular festival aims to (re)connect families with the planet by giving everyone the chance to get active by helping plant 3,000 to 4,000 trees. The family festival includes activities for all-ages to enjoy and meals are provided for the weekend.

photograph courtesy of GreenPop.

In addition to planting trees and having fun with your family, you will also be contributing to an effort aimed at revitalizing South Africa’s southern-most indigenous forest. Platbos is an ancient forest, containing indigenous trees over 1000 years of age. Unfortunately, the forest is endangered and needs all the help it can get so South Africa does not lose this rare ecosystem. This is why Greenpop – a social enterprise that aims to inspire people about getting active towards a sustainable future – partnered with Platbos to run this festival of action and make an actual difference in the ancient South African forest.

photograph courtesy of GreenPop.

You can find out more information about the Platbos forest and about this event and many other GreenPOP events on their website.

photograph courtesy of GreenPop.

This sounds like a fun weekend, and wether you join them or not it will be good to follow up and see if they manage to plant all those trees. And wherever you are in the world, the point of Earth Hour is to reflect and promise to make a change towards a greener environment. I think as a family, this earth hour, we promise to plant some trees.

This is not a sponsored post. GreenPop did provide us with information and photographs to use for the post, otherwise the opinions expressed are, as usual, entirely our own.

13 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Earth Hour and Time to Plant Some Trees…”

  1. I love how the answers got more accurate as it progressed! But my best have to be hood 7 and 8 too cute

  2. Hay Kate… Honestly I was so thrilled to find out about this… we just love a project for a cause and this is right up there with projects that we would love to be involved with!!! Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  3. Oh Mrs FF, I had such fun making that little snippet, you have no idea!!! I think I will definitely be interviewing them more often…I have to say I was a little surprised at some of the answers… “A green house is made of sticks!!!” It was a lot of fun to discover what they were thinking!!! I just need to think of questions to ask them… Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!!

  4. Oh Marcia, you just made my day!!! So glad you enjoyed the video… I had such fun making it and such a chuckle at their answers!!! Hope you had a great weekend and will be thinking of you tomorrow…

  5. Loved the clip 🙂 very cute. Made me wonder what my kiddos would answer. We too love reducing our carbon footprint where possible. We try not to be complete consumers but try give back as well.

  6. Love initiatives like this. Bringing a community together. Lots of them probably don’t need reminding of the benefit, but others will go along to find out more, I’m sure.

    The video is priceless. The answers are all perfect. I know exactly what my children would say. “It’s that place you disappear into and grow your tomatoes”. Least yours were more eco answers!

  7. Hi there Cindy, I am so glad you enjoyed our clip, we had fun making it!!! We talk about greening all the time… and clearly for my little folk that means doing a lot of projects with sticks!!! Very fun, I think I need to ask a few more questions like these to see what they think about things we take for granted!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  8. Ha Cheryl, I was expecting someone to define a green house that way, I was surprised someone didn’t mention it!!! It was a really fun thing to do and see the little wheels turning in their heads!!! We definitely have to get tree planting… my kids will love it!!! The irony is that we will have to go non-green and get a car to get there… we have so enjoyed being car-free… but there are a lot of things, even green things that can’t be done without one!!! And I just love your homework letter… very special!!! Have a good week!!!

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