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Se7en Visits Nude Foods for Zero Waste Shopping in the City…

January 20th, 2018 · 5 Comments

I know this week was a busy week for most folk, heading back into school and all the routine that is 2018… so I have post for you to rest your eyes upon. We recently visited Nude Foods, the Plastic Free Grocery in Cape Town, and we loved it. Green shopping for the win.

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We have so been looking forward to this store opening for the longest time… Cape Town desperately needs a Zero Waste Store, where you can bring your own containers, and if you find yourself there without containers, never fear they have green containers for you to buy too. They have produce bags and glass jars, which make excellent gifts (just saying), available for sale. Otherwise… nothing is packaged…


Somewhere along the line we have been sold a myth, that green living and particularly green shopping is tricky and expensive and just something to avoid, especially for moms on the run. This is truly a myth… all we really need is a lovely store, that goes the extra mile to make green shopping truly easy for its clients and their products, easily accessible and presented beautifully, helps to go a long way to making it a great shopping experience… with or without your kids in tow. Nude Foods is that… a shop with a warehouse vibe to it, friendly and helpful every step of the way, the kind of place where time stands still, while you do your shopping in peace… no blaring intercoms, no bustle and crush, slow living at its best.


Where is Nude Foods?

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Nude Foods is in the city fringe, if you know where Kamili coffee is, then you are right there… If you see this store front, then you have found it!!! The address is 5 Constitution Street, Zonnebloem, and you have to check their website for opening hours.


How Does Zero Waste Shopping Work?

In a nutshell… no plastic containers, no little plastic bags, and definitely no plastic shopping bags…


You take your own containers, you weigh your containers… you fill them up with what you want and then weigh them again, to determine how much you have bought… easy.


Otherwise you can grind your own… or pick and choose your own fresh goodies…


What is Available?

Heaps of dry goods: grains/bean/nuts/seeds/flour/cereals/granola…

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se7en-15-Dec-17-tempImageForSave (47)-22

se7en-15-Dec-17-tempImageForSave (43)-19

se7en-15-Dec-17-tempImageForSave (46)-21

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Even herbs and spices…

And loads of chilli…

Otherwise… a selection of vegetables to choose from, as well as fabulous breads and plenty of healthy snacks…

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And loose fresh pasta… you have to bring a bag!!!


For your glass bottles… there are oils, vinegars and honey…


And there were also olives and preserves…

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They also have green cleaning products, household and personal… soaps for you, soaps for your laundry and soaps for your pets…

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And lots of essential tools for green shopping: bamboo straws, travel mugs, shopping containers and bags…

And What Did We Buy?

Some beautiful bread, a jar of olives that in most homes would last a while, and chilli flakes (because everybody loves chilli)… and it was all gone in a flash!!!

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The Verdict…

Great green shopping in the city centre, can’t be beat… if you are heading into the city for an adventure… then pop Nude Foods on to your must visit list…

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Nude Foods...

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