Welcome to se7en…

This is the reason for our name: We are a family with seven kids…

Who will be referred to here as the se7en little hoodies.


And here are seven facts about us:
* We live in Cape Town.
* We Homeschool using Sonlight.
* We are Bible believing Christians.
* We have all our kids born at home.
* We drive an ancient VW kombi.
* We eat organic vegetables.
* We live in a Blue House.

As a mom of se7en little hoods I get asked a LOT of questions: so this is where I plan to present the answers…
Indeed I would like to answer all questions with: “Check out the answer on my blog…” just so I don’t have to keep repeating myself… over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Questions like:
* How to homeschool se7en kids…
* How to get se7en kids to bed on time…
* How to parent se7en kids…
* How to travel with se7en kids…
* How to feed se7en kids…
* How to keep se7en kids busy all day…
* How to keep se7en kids quiet during the sermon on a Sunday morning…

Here are se7en things we love:
* Reading
* Cooking
* Arting
* Crafting
* Traveling
* Music
* Chilling

Hopefully you will enjoy following the escapades of the se7en little hoods as we travel along the journey of life.

3 Replies to “Welcome to se7en…”

  1. Ok, so what you can also tell us is how you keep your house so neat and organised. Are you neat inside your head, or do you have to put it all down on paper? Does this make sense?

  2. Ok, today is 13/11/11.. and today I found your site! I have been reading around it all afternoon and I have set myself the challenge of how long will it take me to read through every single one of your posts from the start here to get me up to date… Loving your posts and your views on Homeschooling..
    From the land Down Under,

  3. Hi Kate, from the land Down Under… So glad you enjoyed your visit over here!!! Hope you have a great week and see you again soon!!!

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