Sunday Snippet… 31 Ways to Pray for Your Children.

Someone gave this to me years ago…

31 Ways to Pray for Your Children by Bob Hostetler

And I have used it ever since, it has wandered around my home: from time to time I have stuck it on the fridge, in my Bible Cover, on the pin board, in my nappy (diaper) bag wherever… in the hopes that I will remember to pray for my children in a meaningful way.

I love the calendar format – easy to keep in mind but not so repetitive that it becomes rote.

I love praying for their characters and I often bring that prayer for the day into their bedtime prayer – I know I would be encouraged to know that someone was praying for my courage and perseverance, let alone my humility!

Have a good week.

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  1. Hey – its me, you know, me? So I am the first to leave a comment!

    Love this prayer chart – am going to use it and pass on to a few moms/friends who I meet and pray with at school.


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