Sunday Snippet: Geckos…

What do Kids and Geckos have in Common?

Geckos are small.
Geckos are shy.
Geckos can save millions of lives by eating malaria causing bugs.

Kids are small.
Kids are shy.
Kids can save millions of lives by praying for unreached people.

Here is a great Gecko coloring page or a worksheet to help present this snippet to kids.

I got this snippet from:


This is a great book that I have used a lot to teach kids about Missions and being Missionary Minded… It has lessons on different cultures, how missionaries live, missionary jobs, how to be a missionary and how to support a missionary. It is jam packed with heaps of lessons, heaps of activities, heaps of crafts and heaps of games. Not to mention a time allocation for everything, which makes planning really easy. They leave the reader to mix and match their own program… I totally love it…

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