Badge Bonanza…

We all went a bit mad making badges this week… My kids love making art that is useful – it is less likely to find its way (oh, so subtly – the mother person tends to be a frantic discarder of the thirty gazillion bazillion art works a day ) into the recycling!!! So here are two types of badge, the first are easy toddler manageable, and the second are made from scratch and require a little more finesse!

These badges make really brilliant gifts that kids can make… either ready-made for grannies and odd aunts! Or as a kit, with all the bits and pieces in a ziplock bag for friends…

Easy Badges:

You will need: blank stickers and a clutch of markers, and a couple of old badges that I collected from the local thrift store. They had a basket of old badges on the counter and I bought the lot – I never looked back and have used them heaps of times for all kinds of parties…

Let your kids decorate the stickers to their hearts content…

And stick them straight onto the thrift store badges…

You are done! And you have a whole lot of happy little kids and their badges. Not to mention you are recycling and so saving the world!

Badges from scratch:

You will need: scissors, clear project glue, safety pins, masking tape and an old cereal box.

Not to mention a whole bunch of little artworks that have been roughly chopped down to size.

We glued the artworks onto the cereal box;

Once the glue had dried we decided to cover them in contact to make them shiny;

Then we cut them close to the edge of the art and neatened up the corners.

Now you need to put a little tape on each safety pin – along the side with the catch – not the side with the pin (else you can’t open and close the badges when you are done);

Then stick the tape and the pin on to the back of each picture;

Trim the tape if it sticks over the edge;

And you are done… And then Hood #3, used all of the badges to decorate her little sisters jacket.

Too cute!

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