Celebrity Chef (Part 1): Marshmallow Surprise…

Meet our celebrity chef: I cannot keep Hood #5 out the kitchen, so I thought I would publish a series of se7en of his best recipes…


Meet the Team:
marie biscuits

Play the Game:

Step 1:
Place as many marie biscuits as you need on a plate. And put one marshmallow on top of each of them.


Step 2:
Put them in the microwave and watch carefully, they do expand rapidly, ten seconds maybe fifteen. When they look totally like they are going to explode then hit the stop button.


Step 3:
Do not eat them yet, they are TOO HOT carefully place a Marie Biscuit on top of each marshmallow… and there you go.


Step 4:
If you eat them while they are warm, they are wonderfully gooey and stringy, and if you wait they become like toffee. Yum.


Step 5:
You are ready to share. Really!?!


Celebrity Chef (Part 2): Caramel Carrots.

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