Saturday Spot: Book Zone…

Well this is a pervasive “spot” throughout our house: Se7en Book Cases:

Some people have walls around their rooms, well we seem to have grown some bookshelves instead of walls. And here the secret to an extremely tidy house … books must be sorted in height order… (this is a joke guys – really there is no secret!!!). That being said, the father person thinks they should be ordered according to topic… after fifteen years we seem to have found a compromise: a topic per shelf and then ordered by height – win – win!

Okay and this is a tidiness truth: and I really shouldn’t have to say this! But not all family members seem to agree – You cannot, must not, should not, will not store other junk on top of books, or in front of books, on book cases – just no – don’t do it.

In this post I have popped in the basic topic per shelf. So here is a chance to check out what we really do in our free time… Not to mention a long boring list!

Shelf#1: The Entrance Hall:

Let’s start on the left (top down):

Popular Science;
Homeschooling and Armchair Travel;
Classic Collection of books;
World Book Encyclopedia – I got the whole lot for R50 (about $7.) at a library sale.

And then the right (top down):

Shakespeare dvd collection and the incoming post pile;
My latest reading;
Little books – fact, story whatever – they are too small for anywhere!;
More Classics;
Shakespeare Collection and Kids Craft Encyclopedia.

Shelf #2: The Lounge Corner:

Bible Study Topics – Character;
Bible Study Topics – Issues;
Bible Study Topics – Church;
Geography Books and Text Books from Varsity Days;
More Text Books;
Publications for Work.

Shelf #3: The Lounge Wall:

On the Left : This shelf is my husbands domain and contains a whole lot of Bible Study Books.

Bible Commentaries;
Bible Study Helps (Books of the Bible);
Bible Reference;
Bible Commentaries;
A Bunch of Bibles.

On the Right: This shelf contains mostly reference and colorful coffee table books.

The Works of John Owen;
Reference Books;
Big Reference Books;
Colorful Kids Books and Story Collections.
Kids Reference and Craft Books.
Cook Books.

Shelf #4: The Other Lounge Corner:

This was the first book case we bought together! The library books belong in their two baskets next to this book case and may not be removed from this lounge for any reason – they have to be read in the lounge or I won’t get you any new books this week!

Craft Books;
History Books;
Management Books;
Computer Text Books;

Shelf #5: The Other Lounge Wall:

I love this book case’s unusual shape.

Missionary Biographies;

Shelf #6: In The Lab:

This room is where we keep a heap of computers, hence the name: Lab. And this is the book case full of this years Sonlight school books. All the books are sorted by category and so are very easy to drop into their reading pile for the week on a Sunday evening. I keep school books separate to keep them wonderful (absence makes the heart grow fonder) and we will be using each grade – oh, about se7en times (what a thought!). The door to this room is always hooked closed – so it is a rare treat for kids to sneak in and get to read their favorites… they think I don’t know – hehehehe – meanwhile I think they don’t realize they are sneaking off to read their school books!

The top shelf isn’t shown – it has bits and bobs of pending and necessary stationary;
Grade 5 School Books;
Workbooks for the year and teacher hand books;
Grade 3 School Books;
Grade 1 School Books;
Pre-K School Books, Rosetta Stone’s and Pre-Pre-K School Books.

Shelf #7: In The Office:

Finally in the kids room, which we call “The Office”, since thats where the most people in our house do their serious work of playing.

You will notice some of the books are stored in cut off cereal boxes, those are usually collections and my kids never ever want one book out from a collection, they want the set… so this contains them (the books not the kids!), somewhat!

On the left:
Horrible Histories and Science Magazines;
Puzzle, Craft and Bible Stories;
Enid Blyton;
Dr Seuss, Golden Books and Barbar;
Richard Scarry and Reference (The Snoopy Encyclopedia).

On the Right:
Kids Classics; Eragon; Anthony Horowitz;
Series: Like Laura Ingalls Wilder;
Roald Dahl: More Series: Paddington; Box Car Kids; Milly Molly Mandy;
Eclectic Chapter Books: Some old and some new.
Big Picture Books.

That is IT!!!

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