Celebrity Chef (Part 6): Potato Wedges…

The celebrity Chef is back with his sixth recipe: Potato Wedges.

Since everyone eats these, it should be compulsory for all humanoids to be taught how to cook them as soon as they can stand or maybe even sooner.

Meet the players:

You will need these:
Olive Oil;
Paprika – which is just spicy cinnamon;
Crunchy salt;
And any other spicy stuff that you have at hand.

And a whole lot of these potato things,

Hold it;

Just a little bit longer!

Play the Game:

Chop your potatoes into slivers…

At this stage the friendly adult helper’s heart couldn’t take the pace and stepped in…

And chopped.

While the celebrity chef drove his slivers into the bowl;



Now spatter some olive oil and then sprinkle paprika…

Lavishly, paprika is the new cinnamon…

And a smidgen of salt.

Smoosh it all together.

Only stop when your fingers are completely smothered in the stuff.

Now tip them out onto the baking tray and bake in a hot oven for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Do these look good?

You had better believe it.



Try them.

You should.

Yum Yum You’re Done.

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