The Week that still is…

So here we are… fifty posts down – who would have known!!! And when I started blogging I thought it would be all about crafty stuff and the bazillion projects we get through – but no – it seems to be all about food and feasting… oh, hang on my life is all about food – not to mention cleaning toilets (four boys can do that to a mother…).

So this week we went out for a feast.

We did a huge art project, and whipped up some Madiba shirts.

Some worked harder than others.

And some just couldn’t stop.

Hood #1: Had a disastrous trumpet concert after a year of success at every event… it all began to go downhill as I dashed everyone through supper and bath time and then instead of bed we jumped into the car on a dark, wet, wintry night. Then we drove three blocks up the road and ran out of gas!!! Needless to say, there was a frantic scramble and all that was self-contained and very smart in his black and white, became less so – dare I say – frazzled. We dashed home and divided and conquered. I sent him on his way with The Father Person. They hardly got there on time, missed the connection with the accompanist and all that was frazzled became quite freaked. Needless to say he mumbled The Mexican Hat Dance down the barrel of his trumpet, never looked up and played his pieces merrily to his feet. Aaaahhhh the agony!!! Hopefully that will be the end of his bad luck and he can move smoothly onwards and upwards without a look back – no, that wouldn’t be my Hood!

Hood #2: In avoiding school, had to avoid me, and so thought he had evaded the camera!!! But I got him.

Hood #3: Demonstrated her love of reading and reading and reading and of course good cuisine:

Hood #4: The paper doll family is exploding and if it doesn’t stop soon we may have to move from our two-bedroomed home… as you can see it has grown some pets and a house and look around you will see a rocket as well.

Hood #5: Our Celebrity chef received some real live fan mail and is as thrilled as can be with his real apron.

Hood #6: Made her presence felt in her charming two year old way, even managing to look stunning for the camera, when I was hoping to catch her in full gale or should I say wail!!!

Hood #7: Has become proficient at getting anywhere backwards but is getting really frustrated as everything she reaches for recedes, so to speak… everything is relative in reverse. She is no longer anywhere near where I left her and lego is about to be banished for an extended period of time!

We felt the threat of spring, so…





Then we read some books.

Then we read some more.

And some more.

Our book of the week was:

Delilah Darling.jpg

This book epitomizes our trips to the library, not of this world!!! I don’t have an Old Pear (Au Pair) to help with crowd control. And lets just say our Library Ann’s (Librarians) are not quite so understanding of our imaginative other worldness. Needless to say and here the insanity of choosing 7 times 6 books and 20 adult books comes to mind… the home truth of the week – I steal my moment of peace in a week when I dash to the library – on my own and conquer this project. I have about a twenty minute turn around time… half of that time is spent watching the books go back in and the books getting stamped out… aahhh breathe, these things take time! And the look of horror on the Library Ann’s faces as I calmly pop 62 books on the counter kind of morphs into shocked sympathy as I produce all the library cards, followed by instantaneous horror as she realizes she will be stamping them all out! I am with Delilah Darling on this one, since it is my only moment of peace – I really do wish they served buns – not to mention coffee, now that would be heaven – but clearly not protocol!!!

Thats it – have a great weekend!

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