Saturday Spot: The Hoop…

When we moved into our house – many years ago… we had The Hoop at the bottom of the garden… it served no purpose other than to break the gap between our house and the parking lot and at certain times of the year it was smothered in beautiful tiny white roses…

So two years ago we decided to take our higgedly piggedly terraced garden apart. Dig it up. Root it up. Take it apart literally. The Hoop had to move…

Then a pool came on a friendly truck and we placed that in the gigantic hole.

Then we paved round it.

Then a very happy Hood#1 woke up to this on his 9th birthday.

And I spent two days not breathing because the fence only went up two days after the pool was finished. I really didn’t breathe, the stress was enormous but finally we had a fence and a net, because one mistake with a pool is just too many mistakes.

Then the friendly truck took all the dug up rocks, and soil and gravel, they even offered to take The Hoop… And what did I say, me the great declutter of all times, I said “NO THANK YOU”, why? Why? WHY? because I had memories of The Hoop covered in pretty flowers and wasn’t that lovely.

So we planted The Hoop on the grass and then finally got the grass to grow round it, through a drought filled summer. But no I didn’t plant any climbing plant near it. It no longer has the wind protection of the hedge. It is exposed to the full force of The South Easter, our intense summer wind. Nothing will grow on it. NOTHING.

So here it sits… I looks like an art project waiting to happen… hmmm a wonderful natural weaving kind of a thing… but how many leaves would I have to pull, strip to achieve this and would it withstand the summer wind? What about rafia, I have thought of weaving rafia, bright and fun… Someone suggested ribbons – I love that idea, they would flutter in the wind and look lovely – where in the world would I find enough ribbons…

So here is The Hoop planted in our grass, looking well – not appealing, it has been there two years (two years!!!) and still has no purpose – just occasionally being used as a rickety climbing frame – everyone steps under it to get to the grass, for picnics or reading, but aesthetically – well.

Well, here stands The Hoop… in all its metallic glory, crying for some ribbons, and maybe sea-shells and tinkly bells – anything… or come to think of it, bring back that truck!!!

Proviso: Absolutely No Hoods were hurt or injured during the production of this blog. Keep in mind that tired Hoods are happy hoods.

And one Hood, who shall remain the Celebrity Chef, will never forgive us for removing his sand pit and often asks: Can’t we take that pool thing out so that we can dig again?

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