The Week That Was – 11.

We didn’t celebrate spring – we froze to death and it poured with rain. The rocky wall in our kitchen, which backs directly onto the mountain, kind of brings the outside in during this weather… more in than modern man might want it to be. So we hunkered down…

And so to escape, we went on a Virtual Safari and did some weaving:

Hood #1: Organized a concert for the father person’s birthday.

And read some books, one or ten, in a patch of sun

Hood #2: Actually did some school and I caught him at it…

And we had fun making lava lamps together for the Roald Dahl Post.

Hood #3: Read and read and read.

And whizzed through her school.

Hood #4: Asked again, if we could get a pet. A pet penguin if you don’t mind. I did mention that they eat a lot of fish and they have very smelly poo. No worries, he will will train it to do all abluting in the driveway… I sense a home truth post!

Hood #5: Whipped up some apple crumble with his friend Peter.

Hood #6: Made some more tea. And then some more tea. And just a little bit more.

Hood #7: Was our great achiever. She helped with the laundry.

And she is on the move…

Have a great weekend!

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