The Week That Was – We Read Some Books.

We got some books.

We pretended it was warm and squeezed some oranges – the juice was fabulous, but it was still freezing.

Our stroll through the wetlands was a lot wetter than usual.

We ate some peppermints.

We read some books.

We tried a pajama poetry performance… not omitting a few anti-rain-requests.

We read some books.

We watched plenty of hail.

We learnt to bead.

We read plenty of books.

We should have done bookwork, but branched out into dominoes.

The sun came out. The towels came out.

The Hoods came out.

We read Beatrix Potter in the sun, with our tea.

The sun went in and so did we, we read some books:

We made some stick men.

We read some books.

We froze and lurked under some blankets.

We had a snooze.

In desperation for a toy she started pulling up.

We read some books.

I could go on, but you might have got the message! We really did read some books.

Hmmmm… While I am broadening their horizons, clearly! – I may need to raise the activity levels around here – no, perish the thought.

Have a great weekend.

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