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Last week in the Saturday Spot I mentioned a couple of things around our house that are not as they seem or shall we say – they serve a different purpose. This week I am writing about something far more serious: The Coffee Machine, which serves its exact purpose. It makes coffee for us and lots of it, on a daily basis. It works nearly as hard as the mother person to keep our house running smoothly. We call it the beast.

Now I am quite a minimalist by nature and this is what I think a coffee machine should look like: classic, sleek, aesthetically pleasing and requires a little bit of ritual to run smoothly:


However the father person is a gadget man and feels a need for buttons to press and spouts to spout and grinds to be ground and such like and this is his version of the coffee machine:


Now there is a story as to how we came to own a coffee machine that costs the price of a small nation or should I say a small car – or a fancy cell phone, whatever. As a wedding gift to my husband I got him a coffee machine. He was a night owl and I was an early bird and we would need something to drag us into the same time zone. Our coffee machine stood by us well, but it required a bit of work. A little bit of ritual: beans needed to be ground, filters needed to be changed or washed and so on – a little effort was required. And for twelve years this was okay.

But all along, and here is the point… I am so rubbish at the father person’s birthday, much as I plan and desperately try to rack my brains to make this wonderful special day: I have gotten it on the wrong day, I have booked the most hideous events months in advance only to discover – oops it’s his birthday and here we are helping a second cousin twice removed move house. I dare not mention sleeping overnight on a concrete floor in a shack with sub-zero temperatures, my intention was an overnight trip to the country – the reality was a little too real.

I have planned the most awesome gifts and bought all the materials to make them only to find at three in the morning the night before that I am never ever going to finish neither do I have the cash for a quick recovery. He has received a pile of planks and a broken saw… I was planning to make him a box, only, um I didn’t have the required skills. One time he was lucky enough to get some strips of fabric – in theory it was a track suit. And through all this he stood by me and was cheerful – the man is a Saint.

Needless to say about two years ago I invested in a real coffee machine – a birthday gift for all the years gone by and just to cover all our bases for all the years to come. Boy this is a dream. You press a button: it grinds, it filters, it pours and froths and heaven. It requires nearly no maintenance toss in some water every now and then and the same for beans. The only kind of robot that I am prepared to live with. Not to mention a little plus for me is that it has a separate entrance where I can place the ground decaf coffee. No sleepless infants for me thank-you very much. I did have a nursing mum call me and ask me how I cope, she has to drink 12 cups of coffee a day to keep up with her baby that just never slept – um lightbulb moment!!! Frankly the machine is not very aesthetically pleasing to me and takes up a large part of the kitchen counter, but when it is put like this, then I am prepared to suffer the sacrifice:


Which leads to another little coffee machine anecdote: It has a place on the top where you do the bean refill thing… well hood’s 4 and 5, who are my terrible twins – not actually they are a year apart (age 3 and 4 at the time)… but man! Well they discovered how to open the canister. They were munching beans like other people eat popcorn at the movies – throughout the day. Needless to say there were a couple of days where they quite literally out stripped the neighborhood leapt up and down the walls, spun out on the ceiling and then I discovered them at their task… hmmm, problem solved. And after a little training the problem was resolved!

And here are their respective projects, regarding the coffee machine, that they have been working hard to emulate.



I can see we need to encourage them to learn how to make these machines otherwise their college funds may just end up investing in a coffee machine to be just like their hero: the father person.

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  1. I love this post!!! You write very well and most humorously – fantastic stuff 🙂 I often walk away from the pc still chuckling at some turn of phrase you’ve used. Oh, and I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that misses the mark for dh birthdays – altho mine tend to be "why on earth would you think that I would like that?!" type gifts! oh dear!!

  2. I really would not have thought you’re bad at gifts because you’re so thoughtful!

    LOVED this story and you’re right – those expensive things have you covered for a while.

    I laughed at the strips of fabric.

    Which reminds me…. our anniversay is on Tuesday and I don’t have a gift for him yet. This year I really think he just needs a gold medal 🙂 for putting up with a sub-par wife…

  3. Oh Marcia, thoughtful and gift giving I have discovered are far removed from each other!!! And I hope you two have the most fabulous anniversary – it seems like everybody I know was clever enough to get married in April!!! Lots of love from the gang!!!

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