Post 101: A Question of Toothpaste.

Well my 100th post just slipped by, so by tradtion I should have told you 100 things about us… by now you know way more that 100 things about us! And I give you credit for not needing to know all the details…

So I thought I would celebrate the 100 mark and my birthday by asking you a deeply profound question that crosses my mind on a bi-weekly basis… A simple question… That some one out there, in the world of Blogs, must know the answer to.

Why is it that adult toothpaste comes in large tubes and kids toothpaste comes in small tubes at twice the price.

The assumption here is that in all households there are only half as many kids as adults. Is this true of households with kids… where are all the 2.something size families, who have at most two parents? I know in our house the adult to child balance is somewhat slanted. But surely there are bazillions of homes filled with more kids than adults.

Surely the kids need to brush their teeth as often as the adults do.

Maybe it is for the cute factor. But ask any dentist, parents should be brushing their kids teeth for a number of years, before the kids become competent. I don’t need to be wowed by cute toothpaste. I am after plaque thwarting, bacteria conquering anti-cavity toothpaste.

Maybe because the thought of a full-size tube of bubble-gum flavored gel is more than any size human can comprehend without becoming overcome with waves of … well of nausea.

Twice or thrice a week as we finish yet another mini-tube of toothpaste I have to ask… why the tiny tubes?

This can’t be just another where do missing socks go? question obviously millions have been spent on market research and packaging…

Help me here, I would really really love to know the answer to this.

3 Replies to “Post 101: A Question of Toothpaste.”

  1. perhaps the answer to this dilemma is to bypass the kiddy toothpaste altogether – my thinking is, if we’re brushing our kids’ teeth anyway, use the adult stuff. We’ve been using organic t/paste, so no fear of the rubbish of the toothpaste and we all get to use the same stuff. Can you imagine, if all parents had to go this route, the kiddy toothpaste industry would go bang in no time – and soon be marketing the way WE want! ūüėČ

  2. Happy birthday to you, and to Hood 1 for yesterday! As for the toothpaste issue, my theory is that when a bored child (hence NOT the Hoods – another theory lurks there…) decides to find out how much artistic work can be done with a tube of toothpaste in the bathroom (hopefully), there is only half as much for the parent people to clean up.

  3. I wish I could get them to use adult toothpaste, but oh the wails and moans!!! It is too burny, it stings. I like the organic idea and will give it a try.

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