Happy Birthday Hood 1 and An Interview.


Dragon Rider of Note.

Have a fabulous day and an even better year.


So let me take this oppertunity to ask you about Owl Books Publishing Company.

    Well it is a general store that I run from under my bed. It is a book publisher for kids. It is a spot where siblings and friends can order a newspaper, a cartoon, a story or a draw pet.

What is a Draw Pet?

    It is a virtual pet on paper. Low tech and cheap to make. In this house where real pets are not allowed, they are very much in demand.

What is your ambition as a publisher?

    To publish good books for kids.

Tell me about the General Store?

    I call it the Traveling Trade Post, we trade in beads and stuff. You know junk and stuff. Granny A. is our biggest admirer.

Tell me about your newspaper.

    I have a small newspaper office called The CopyCat. It has columns with lead stories and places for ads. I also publish the best letter of the week.

You have a series of History Stories with interesting characters in them?

    Genghis Kahn, Edward Teach and The Red Barron. You cannot possibly write a world history book without The Red Barron.

Tell me about your other series of books.

    Well there is The Humphrey Series.These are stories about a dragon named Humphrey and his life and times. Often packed with vikings as well.

Is there anything you would like to tell our blog readers?

    Well I would like to publish a week in the life of Owl Books: How to make a draw pet; A copy of the CopyCat; a Couple of Cartoons and a felty friend tutorial.

Fantastic, I look forward to your submissions in my in-tray. And readers I hope you are looking forward to a week of Hood #1’s publications. I know I am!

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