Saturday Spot: House Rules…

This is one thing that most visitors stop and look at when they visit our home. I am not huge on rules, I state a lot of facts! I only have two rules I strictly enforce:


These rules came about because of Hood#2. Every family has one – this is the sort of kid that you casually mention to: Please don’t jump out of trees higher than the house, and mean it!

Rule 1: When we moved into our house this little Hood was nine months old and mobile. Walking, crawling, climbing – everywhere. I lost him for ages one day because I was looking for him at ground level but he had climbed the burglar bars and was way above everyone’s head. Well one time I walked out the front door and I could hear him saying: Hello, Hello but I couldn’t see him. Turns out he was above my head on the roof of the house. And to make it worse our house is on a slope and above the door it is about two stories above the ground. Now to catch your heart before it jumps out of your mouth. Do you rush around the house and grab him off the roof. Do you stay sit there my sweet and I will come and rescue you – like a nine month old is going to listen to reason at a time like this – or anytime for that matter. And so began House Rule #1.

Rule 2: And snakes – well we have a lot of them. We live on a mountain slope in Africa what do you expect!!! Well as I said, Hood #2 was about nine months old when we moved in. So I am hanging washing in the back yard and Hood #1 is saying to me: he has a snake, he has a snake. And I am saying yeah, yeah – as I carry on hanging the washing – peg, peg, peg… Eventually I turn around and see: Oh my goodness!!! He has a snake!!! You would not believe it, there is this tiny little short person holding a snake by the tail, in his little fist. Now there is no ways I want to grab the reptile – you know like personally, myself – Hello, like no. So I turned him upside down in the hopes that he would let go… e.v.e.n.t.u.a.l.l.y. he did… and so began House Rule #2.

That’s it – keep those rules short and sweet and they might even remember them… and I mean might!!!

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  1. Oh Marcia, I am so glad that I could provide a little laugh for your day… I have gotten so much better at snakes, I scoop them up in the dustpan and toss them into the neighbor’s. Somewhere in my head I have told myself they won’t come back… though THAT same child mentioned that they can return home from miles away… home is home and all that!!! Anyway rules are rules and those are our two!!! I bet you have some serious rules too!!!

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