The Week That Was – 15…

So we finished celebrating the ultimate lemon party.


And read some books and rested to recover.


And then Spring finally arrived.


Some flowers erupted.


And we had two warm days.


And at last we are back in the swim.


We had our last week off school and did a lot of arting for a book review we are planning.


We visited that wonderful arty aunt of ours and played in the hut.


Hood #1: Read the entire Redwall Series again.


Hood #2: Decided to take my Tisket/Tasket project to heart and cleaned out all the kitchen drawers and under the sink for me – what a star!


Hood #3: Had a mid-night feast with the father person. She decided that since hood #7 is so small and feisty that the father person should be Obelisk!


Hood #4: Spent a lot of time singing wild songs in his hat with a hole in the top… he is dying for Saturday and a cup of chinno. How in the world can I have a child that cannot say cappuccino? And, yes, that is indeed a street cone that magically appeared in our garden.


Hood #5: Was so busy he was hard to find… this must be the new four year old thing.


Hood #6: Did a lot of housework… hopefully this trend will continue for many years to come.


Hood #7: Discovered unpacking, grew three front teeth, thinks crawling is for the birds…


Her partner in crime, Hood #2, decided she could sit at the dinner table with us… um no, she is a little short for an adult chair – but didn’t she love being part of the crowd.


And finally she discovered food! First much loved food: Broccoli, she is indeed part of the family. We have had more fights over who has the last piece of broccoli than any other food stuff ever!


That’s it – Have a Great Week.

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