Saturday Spot: Bells and Whistles…

We live in a world of Bells and Whistles.

We are not so much musical but noisical!

Our garden is hung with all sorts of tinkling bells.


All our children have a collection of whistles.


And Hood #1 has been playing a piece of irrigation pipe with a mouth piece on it since he was two.


He also plays the trumpet.


And he was just recently thrilled to receive a vuvuzela, the neighbors were less enthusiastic.


We are not quite the Von Trapps of the Sound of Music, though we do have se7en children.


My children don’t respond to a bosun’s call, but they do respond to a horn.


One toot of this and they all come running – they know it means we will be doing a craft, or a game – something fun… not just run of the mill life. I try to remember to toot it at least once everyday – just to do something nice and enjoy them – not school stuff or drudgery.

But the winner for response time is the dinner bell.


Even the slightest tinkle of this in the breeze and there is a scampering of se7en… like you cannot believe… Clearly a snack or a meal is on the table and you need to get their fast. It is really quite amazing how acute their hearing is – not to mention I couldn’t stand the thought of shouting se7en names around the neighbourhood a couple of times a day.

And when Hood #7 plays a trick on them…


No-one is impressed!!!

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