Saturday Spot: On My Desk…

Lately, I have enjoyed browsing the blog: On My Desk… And nosy as I am I love to poke my nose into other peoples business and I love peering at other peoples desks…

Well this is mine…


Yes, it is a changing mat! I don’t have a desk, but this is where I do a lot of work and I have probably changed more than a bazillion nappies/diapers in the last eleven years! A little bit closer:


Ad you will see on the right a couple of shelves full of all sorts of bits and pieces of things I just like to have around. It is my three-dimensional inspiration board.

Shelf by Shelf…

The top shelf: Has a couple of moleskins, and my musical box from my first birthday that has traveled from home to home.


The next shelf: A couple of perfumes (a weakness, especially Boucheron) and whale-ish nicknacks.


The next shelf: Has some tin cans, and my hood #3’s music and trinket box, and my favorite car from when I was a kid!


The bottom shelf: Has a couple of notebooks, with pictures of places and things that inspire, and some jars of Body Shop Goodies – every mother needs those!


So that’s it the place I do my most work and so: On My Desk.

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