Sunday Snippet: Se7en of the Best Story Bibles…

There are so many Story Bibles on the market that it is quite hard to decide which to choose for which child or what purpose… So many are dry and dull, longwinded, and just plain dreary. So here are some of our favorites.

Bible story books need to be read but not replace actual bible reading. My kids love to be read to from the actual bible – its special. Don’t think your kids are too small to understand you would be amazed how much they glean – even if you read a Proverb or a verse of Psalms they will enjoy it.

Story Bibles are great because they give kids a picture of the whole Bible and give them mental reference points to tag on more Bible information as they read and learn more. We don’t keep our story Bibles in a special spot they are simply on the shelves and when we gather to read a pile of books someone usually pops at least one of these books onto the pile.

  • This is a sweet first picture Bible, a short story on every double spread, a picture per story and a couple of leading questions. The pictures are classical and appealing.


  • We love this Bible and little guys are always having a huge debate as to who gets to take this one to church on a Sunday morning. Anything by Ken Taylor turns out great. I have read through this a couple of times (!) and I can do it again. Also, even though it is a beginner and a story Bible it feels like the first steps towards the real thing. It has great schematic diagrams of key things like the Tabernacle and village life or city life in Bible Times. Not to mention a couple of picturesque maps.


  • I love this Bible, its big and feels like the real thing. The same size and shape as other DK Bibles. It has a story a day and marches its way through the Bible in a year. It has a beautiful map of the Bible Lands and a list of Bible People as well, all just adding to the real Bible feel. The watercolor pictures are beautiful and full of things to talk about. It is a really lovely book and one I don’t mind reading from again and again and again.


  • This is a reading book for school, Sonlight, one of the first books that step beyond easy readers. Initially it is hard work to get through it with a story a day. It does get easier as they get better at reading, and by the end of it they usually find it a breeze. I like that at the end of it they have a real sense of achievement, having read the Bible all the way through. The stories and pictures are simple and yet manage to cover the story of the Bible comprehensively.


  • This book is just so beautiful, it is indeed a work of art. The stories are lovely and this is just the sort of book kids like to drag around and listen to. The stories are slightly longer than most story a page first Bibles, but once our kids have read through the Beginners Bible this one seems to be the next step.


  • This is a typical DK book, full of great pictures, photographs, diagrams and factoids. My kids love to browse this one. So do I. It is a great reference book for kids, not just a Bible, put packed full of information about life during Bible Times.


  • This one is cool, and really helped a slow to get going reader to get going with their Bible Reading. It is written as a group of kids go exploring their way through the Bible. It has diagrams and maps, timelines and fact windows, lists, tables and a reading plan. It is the kind of book that kids learn a lot from without feeling like they are making an effort.


That’s it! Happy Reading!

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