Saturday Spot: Chart Farm…

You asked so here it is!

In last week’s The Week That Was… I mentioned that we went picking roses… and a couple of you wanted to know more about our rose picking event…


Yes, you can go rose picking too. In the middle of Cape Town.


Well it is a farm on the top of Wynberg Hill, overlooking The Constantia Valley. If you head for Wynberg Park, it is right next door and signposted. Chart Farm, you can’t miss it.


There are rows and rows of roses to pick, you pay per stem – you can pick all the same or you can pick a mixed bunch. They have buckets and clippers at the reception area for you to borrow – so it can be a spontaneous drop in on the way past.


Did I say rows and rows? Oh the heavenly smell of wandering through fields of roses…


It is a lovely peaceful place to visit, roaming through fields of flowers and when we go we just see little bobbing heads, sort of rose bush height dashing about enjoying the glory.


Not to mention climbable trees.


Including a Magnolia Tree. Here Hood #4 is trying to smell a Magnolia flower.


And plenty of benches, sunny grass or shady grass to collapse on and recover from the arduous task (not!) of rose picking.


There is a house that reminds me so of Green Knowe.


There is a tea room – so you can sit and enjoy some coffee and cake while the kids play on the grass…you can go for breakfast or lunch… but we like to jam a tub of ice-cream into our cooler box and picnic on ice-cream cones. Especially lovely on a boiling day, especially memorable on a cold day!

But this is why we go:


Flowers are such a great gift, these are fresh and affordable – and you get a lovely relaxed outing with your kids… not like your typical gift hunting and gathering at the mall experience.

And for reading all this way I will reward you with a little extra info, that I really shouldn’t share:

They also sell a couple of jams and in season fruits at their stall. You can buy rose plants ready for your garden. But best of all (I really shouldn’t be spreading the word like this!): Cherries… During December they sell freshly picked cherries. You don’t have to drive all the way to Klondyke Cherry Farm in Ceres to pick your own. They are right here in the center of Cape Town.

You see – I am too kind and now my secret is out, and I thought everyone knew about it already!!!