The Week That Was – 23

Today is the last day of school for us. Finally we can shut our enormous school files and welcome summer into our lives… I don’t have that wonderful feeling that I had as a kid on the first day of summer holidays – Oh the heady freedom of no shoes for a number of weeks. I just feel sort of tired, worn out and relieved that we have made it through another 36 weeks.

But my kids have that feeling – the look of complete I have never seen a school book in my life and will never ever look at one again – How do they discard school so instantaneously? So we had waffles for supper to celebrate. And while life goes on for me, it is full of golden opportunities and magic for them! At least for the next couple of weeks…

Not to mention that our peaches finally peached:


So what have we been doing? As usual, we read some books:


And the best one by far, that outstripped everything else was, believe it or not:


It starts off with the recipe for sidewalk chalks and you know how we have an overabundance of plaster of paris… and the whole book is packed with wonderful and intriguing arty projects to do with your sidewalk chalks… check out this page about how to build your own chalk obstacle course, it really is brilliant:


We shared Saturday pizza with friends…


Who were kind enough to come dressed for the occasion in a hood designed t-shirt – you see kids can give kids cool gifts!!!


We got totally into Christmas and Advent and made A Bazillion Christmas Cookies.


Hood 1: While six other hoods were discovering the magic of snipping snowflakes he was snipping a dragon…


And check out his sea monkeys… they are alive and wriggling… so much for no pets.


Hood 2: Decided his sister needed self-defence class and taught her “Kung-Fu” that he read about in a book. To be honest she just couldn’t get it… apart from the fact that it is a glorious dance!


Hood 3: Was the very proud winner of:


She won it at our favorite book store’s story time and it never left her side – even during maths!


Hood 4: He continues to art his way through every meal…


Hood 5: He opened a restaurant with his fellow hoods, complete with menus.


Hood 6: Had one quiet moment and I caught it…


She captured a bug…


And had a glorious moment of stardom…



Hood 7: Couldn’t take the pace – neither could her mother person!


That’s it – have a great weekend…

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